US Forced to Flee Afghanistan, Iraq and Now Syria


Multiple missile strikes carried out in recent weeks on American military facilities and overseas bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria indicate that a growing number of people living in countries that have endured American military invasions have had enough of America’s intervention and are fed up with Washington’s policy. The level of dissatisfaction among the Afghan…

Washington’s Expansionist Policy in Africa


In recent decades, the African continent has been the target of USA’s expansionist policy, which ramped up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. At the time, the United States of America turned towards Africa, a continent rich in natural resources and of strategic importance. Donald Trump’s political course helped consolidate this policy by the pivot away…

South Korea is not Willing to Pay 5 Times More for Stationing American Troops


The present relationship between Seoul and Washington is plagued with problems, and recently the amount of money South Korea spends on U.S. military forces stationed in its territory has become the most pressing one. However, in the ROK these increased tensions are associated with Moon Jae-in’s attempts to follow…

Who Will Foot the Bill for America’s Military Bases Overseas?


Although Washington has closed a number of US military bases in recent years, the country still maintains approximately 800 military bases in over 70 countries, ranging from giant compounds to small radar facilities. Most of America’s military bases were established during the Cold War, but some of them…

American and Japanese Military Bases on the Phillipine Soil


After more that two decades of absence of any visible interest towards the strategically critical point of the Pacific Ocean – the Philippines, Washington is doing its best to strengthen its influence over this picturesque archipelago. Even though the United States station thousands of troops stationed in a number of countries…

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