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Is USA “Decoupling” from China?

The term “decoupling” has started to appear more and more often in reports dedicated to the current state of US-China relations after, on April 17, The Wall Street Journal published results of a survey of 25 large US companies operating in the PRC, conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in China and AmCham in Shanghai. The firms surveyed described their business plans in relation to China.

Is the Deterioration of US-China Relations Temporary or Permanent?

The policy that the United States has recently been pursuing towards China would give you the impression that America’s political elite are suffering from a form of political schizophrenia. Moreover, not only can the signs of political division be seen in the deepening divide in American politics, but even the behavior of individual high-profile politicians...

US Increases Pressure on China

Despite growing domestic problems of various kinds (or even perhaps mainly because of them), the United States has ramped up the pressure on its key geopolitical opponent, i.e. the People’s Republic of China (PRC). And Washington is not doing this alone but with as many allies willing to support it as possible. The US is also seeking partners who may in the future become closer associates. The recent visits...