Plans for Middle East and Joe Biden’s Actions


US President Joe Biden has finally spoken to employees of the Department of State about his foreign policy plans emphasizing the need for a more diplomatic approach and friendlier ties with the rest of the world. He appealed to their emotions by declaring that his administration would try to return the US to a “position of trusted leadership” and urged his audience to reflect…

Biden has Just Crossed the Red Line


In a recent interview that the sitting US president gave to the ABC channel, Joe Biden confirmed that he considers Russia’s president Vladimir Putin a “soulless killer”, adding a series of threats against Russia to those remarks. Such a statement, that was based purely on Russophobic misinformation, would do no honor to any politician. However, when such remarks…

The White House Giving Aggression a Make Over


It had not taken Joe Biden long after he entered the White House to rearrange the chairs in the Oval Office, but it was the new 46th president of the United States himself who was responsible for the urgent need to put makeup on the hostile grin of the White House. And these urgent measures were forced not only by the sharply negative reaction in many countries…

Biden Digs Up the Hatchet


Just one month has passed since the newly elected, 46th US President started his tenure in the White House, and he has clearly shown that his foreign policy strategy for the next four years is by no means dovish. Demonstratively renouncing the “era of the previous Republican president”, which was, incidentally, marked by the fact that Donald Trump was the only US president over the past thirty years…

The US and Israel Playing their Cards in the Middle East


Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, now 97 years old and having long lost his sense of the reality of international affairs, recently unleashed a new idea, menacingly declaring that a return to the “spirit” of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal would lead to weapons spread throughout the Middle East. These comments came during an interview with Dennis Ross…

The World has Changed, but Do Not Expect the Incoming Biden Administration to Change Also


One of the great pretences currently being played out to a gullible public is that it actually matters which of Biden or Trump actually won the recent United States presidential election. There is certainly a body of evidence that suggests that the election was less than squeaky clean, but has that been the case since at least when Bush…

Iran is Once Again Under Terrorist Attack


Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called for “final punishment” for those behind the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, for the murder of whom the Iranians directly accused Israel and the United States behind it. In his statement, the Supreme Leader called Mohsen “an outstanding man and an outstanding scientist…

The United States has Intensified the Process of Forming Coalitions against its Adversaries


The results of Washington’s foreign policy in recent years demonstrate that the United States is openly adhering to the principle of the “Wild West”, consolidating the rights of the strong at the expense of international law and UN principles. This is exactly what explains Washington’s escalation of crisis situations…

The Military Cavalry of US Ambassadors in CIS is Increasing


Nowadays, it comes as no surprise that US policy is becoming more militaristic with each passing day. We can see this by the approaches the White House takes toward resolving domestic policy issues, and the forceful methods adopted by the American police in confronting people, and not only the country’s black population. This…

US Policies in Iraq — Another Fiasco


After US policies in Afghanistan failed, Washington has been facing similar difficulties in Iraq, a country that has been ravaged by conflicts, which began with the US-led intervention. The New Eastern Outlook has, on more than occasion, pointed out that dissatisfaction felt among the Iraqi populace about the presence, since 2003, of coalition, particularly US forces…

The US is Preparing for War with China


Over the past few years, due to the policy followed by the White House, relations between the US and China have been spiraling downward at a rapid pace. Not only is the trade war, declared by Washington, intensifying between the two largest world economies, but territorial issues in the South China Sea, where the United States is trying to engage in “patrolling freedom…

New US Plans in the Middle East


The third trilateral summit between Egypt, Jordan, and Iran took place at the end of August in Amman, Jordan.  The first summit took place in Cairo in March last year, and the second one was held in New York during the regular session of the UN General Assembly in September 2019.  Iraq was represented by Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi in the first two summits…

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