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Sri Lanka is a Victim of Global Turbulence


We left the subject of the crisis in Sri Lanka in another state of aggravation when the second of the Rajapaksa brothers (Gotabaya) was still in office. Despite demands from the “street” to step down following his elder brother Mahinda, who resigned as prime minister on May 9. However, in early July, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had to announce his…

Debt Traps & Terrorism: The Roots of Sri Lanka’s Crisis


The island nation of Sri Lanka, located south-southeast of India in the Indian Ocean has suffered economic and now political chaos that has grabbed international headlines. The Western media has floated narratives ranging from “debt trap diplomacy” perpetrated by China and its Belt and Road Initiative to food shortages spurred by Russia’s “blockade” of the Black Sea. None of this is true…

Riots in Sri Lanka Escalate


Not only has the state of the all-round crisis in which Sri Lanka found itself in March not “resolved” but, as recent events in the country show, it has become increasingly acute. Apparently, it is no longer an alarmist exaggeration to define the situation as “total chaos” by which this condition is assessed in China, that is one of several very interested “outside observers” of all that is currently happening in Sri Lanka…

The Political Crisis in Sri Lanka


The last year has seen the escalation of two processes which are rewriting the global political map, triggering an international crisis which is unfolding and taking in more and more countries as we watch. The two processes behind the crisis may take on very different forms. Ukraine seems destined to become the fuse that could ignite a global fire, risking both its own destruction and that of the “old” world order…

Sri Lanka Remains a Bone of Contention in the Indian Ocean Region


Located fifty kilometers from Hindustan (i.e. from what is now one of the largest states, the “Republic of India”), the island country of Sri Lanka has never suffered from a lack of attention from the world’s leading players. This is due to the island’s critical strategic position in the Indian Ocean. Such a position always and for all such countries…

American Advances, Indian and Chinese Money Force Sri Lanka into Difficult Choice


For several years now, there has been an intense phase of political and economic struggle between the United States and China. PRC claims to be the new major superpower and seeks to push America out of its traditional areas of influence, even in the most literal sense, such as through lucrative trade, massive credits and investments, drawing…

Leading International Players Reacting to the Presidential Election in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka’s presidential election, held on 16 November, was a noteworthy event in the Indo-Pacific. It was the focus of attention in nations that happen to be the key participants of the political game being played in the region. And their reasons are obvious. Along with a number of other island nations in the Indian Ocean (such as the Maldives), Sri Lanka…

Sri Lanka – Candidate for a New NATO Base?


Sri Lanka, Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019: More than half a dozen bomb blasts shook the country killing from 250 to more than 350 people. Depending on who counts, the death toll varies. The devastation took place in in several catholic churches and luxury hotels. Other explosions, including from – what they say – are suicide bombers, have since killed another several…

Sri Lanka: US-Saudi Terror Targets China’s Allies


As predicted, the Sri Lankan Easter Day blasts which killed hundreds and injured hundreds more – have been connected to the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS). US Ambassador to Sri Lanka – Alaina Teplitz – would openly claim foreign groups were most likely behind the attacks. Reuters in an article titled, “Foreign groups likely behind Sri Lanka attacks, U.S. ambassador says…

Sri Lanka Blasts: Terrorism Targets Another Chinese Ally


The recent, tragic Easter attack in the South Asian state of Sri Lanka – killing and injuring hundreds – follows a now unfortunately all too familiar formula. The New York Times has reported in its article, “What We Know and Don’t Know About the Sri Lanka Attacks,” that: The authorities in Sri Lanka said a little-known radical Islamist group, the National Thowheeth Jama’ath…

Sri Lanka: Another Battlefield for India and China


Recently, the continuation of the largest Chinese project on the island of Sri Lanka came to light. It concerns the construction of a huge housing estate, called City Port near Colombo, Sri Lanka’s main port. The new area will be equipped with a variety of shopping, logistics and sports facilities. The idea for construction was put forward personally, by Chinese President Xi Jinping back in 2014, who promised that China would invest $ 1.4 billion…

Sri Lanka: The Long Way to Recovery


On September 16, 2015 the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) finally published its report on the agencies investigation into the 2002 – 2011 civil war in Sri Lanka. The report documents abuses committed by all sides during the protracted conflict. The path to recovery is long, complicated and not without domestic as well as international challenges that need to be addressed. Failure to implement credible…

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