Why is the West Silent about the Aggressive Actions of the US Armed Forces in Syria?


On February 24, the Syrian Arab news agency SANA reported that the United States was sending another military escort to Syria, which again acknowledged Washington’s ongoing occupation policy in this Middle Eastern country. It has been continued since 2014 without any UN sanctions and without any permission from official…

Will Third Countries Stop Using Syria as an Area of Contention?


In recent years, Syria, unfortunately, has increasingly become an arena of confrontation between many countries, primarily through the fault of the US, Israel and Turkey. As a result of Washington’s blatant neo-colonial approach to Syria, US military personnel, that has been illegally deployed to the country in violation of all international norms (as has been repeatedly…

The Pentagon Keeps On Killing Civilians in Syria


On February 2, the Pentagon chief announced that US Special Forces had completed a counter-terrorism operation in Syria, controlled by the US Central Command, stressing that “the mission was successful” and “there were no US casualties.” As it turned out, the target of this operation near the town of Atme in the Syrian province of Idlib, close…

Washington’s Neo-Colonial Policy in Syria


The use of armies and mercenaries to support colonial commercial projects has become the standard of US behavior. And this is particularly evident due to the actions of Washington in Syria. The US, supported by its army and its many thousands of private military companies (PMCs), continues to loot the country, its energy resources, artifacts, and any property…

The Situation in Syria is Heating Up Again


It would seem that Syria is finally experiencing a period of relative calm after a protracted and debilitating war. Having defeated DAESH (banned in the Russian FederationDahJTkfw with the help of Russian partners, Syrian authorities hoped to focus on rebuilding the economy and infrastructure. The Syrian Constitutional Committee and the Syrian opposition resumed…

Syria: Are There Ways to Resolve the Conflict?


In his briefing at the UN Security Council, the organization’s Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, proposed taking advantage of the relative halt in military hostilities in the country to bring together the main regional and international parties concerned. According to the official, this should be done for the sake of preliminary negotiations on confidence-building…

Washington’s Assembly Line for Retraining Soldiers in Syria Isn’t Stopping


According to the Syrian news agency SANA, on September 19, US Air Force helicopters transported two new groups of militants to their base in Al-Shaddadah in Al-Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria, for retraining. There were about 60 people in total who had previously fought in the ranks of the terrorist group ISIS (banned…

Why is the UN Silent over Washington’s Plundering of Syria?


On Sunday, May 23, another American convoy of 86 trucks and many armored personnel carriers drove from Iraqi Kurdistan Territory to the northeastern province of Syria, Hasakah. The US vehicles passed through the US-controlled illegal border crossing of al-Walid and headed towards the Harab al-Jir military base…

Does the United States Want to Fight Syria?

The US government’s decision to supply some types of weapons to the Syrian rebels has given rise to a wide…

Arab Spring Has Come to Turkey

Having provided active support to the rebellion in neighboring Syria in conjunction with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Turkish Prime Minister…

The Syrian Conflict and International Terrorism

The Syrian crisis has been going on since March 2011 and has resulted in tens of thousands dead, including civilians,…

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