Saudi War on Yemen Left the Kingdom Weak & Vulnerable


The Saudis have run out of options in their war against Yemen which began in 2015. The latest attack on Saudi oil infrastructure has demonstrated how this conflict can spread well within Saudi borders, threatening the Kingdom and its monarchical foundation. Notwithstanding the habit…

Houthi Attack on Saudi Oil Fields – a False Flag?


On Saturday morning, September 14, 2019, a few drones – were they drones or long-range missiles? – hit the Saudis most important two oil fields, set them ablaze, apparently knocking out half of the Saudi crude production – but measured in terms of world production it is a mere 5%. Could be made up in no time by other Gulf oil producers…

How Yemen’s War Stands to Redefine the Region’s Future


If ever anyone was still under the impression that North Yemen would soon surrender to Saudi Arabia’s intense military pressure, Saturday’s attack on Aramco some 200 miles east of Riyadh, the Kingdom’s capital, most definitely shattered such belief. If anything, Ansarallah, under…

The Strange Case of the Burning Saudi Refineries


The September 2019 attack that cut Saudi Arabia’s oil production by up to 60% and has thrown the world into chaos was not a surprise.  The claim by US Secretary of State that “Iran did it” is no surprise as well. That Yemen did it, destroyed the world’s largest oil refinery that has…

“Drone Attack” on Saudi Oil – Who Benefits?


Huge blazes were reported at two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia owned by Aramco. While Saudi authorities refused to assign blame, media outlets like the BBC immediately began insinuating either Yemen’s Houthis or Iran were responsible. The BBC in its article, “Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes,” would…

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