Saudi Arabia’s Influence in Central Asia Grows


Recently, there has been a strong desire on the part of Saudi Arabia to extend its influence in Central Asia. This can be clearly seen in the intensification of business contacts and in the cultural, religious areas. There are two particular reasons for this: China and Iran. Thus, there is a clear desire on the part of the Saudis to increase their influence in Central Asia in order…

Arab World is on the Verge of a Very Important Transformation


In the Arab world, the old balance of power has rapidly changed according to the famous proverb “all things are in flux”, and Saudi Arabia with its architect Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud (MBS) is increasingly coming to the fore. The Crown Prince is determined to lead and transform the entire Arab world in the period of the current rapidly changing environment…

A Reshuffling of the Alliances in the Persian Gulf


The failure of US president Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East and the inability of his administration to make any real contribution to solving the problems currently faced by the region have set in motion new processes in the Arab world and heightened their determination to organize their mutual relations as they best see fit. Perhaps the most striking example…

Saudi Arabia Realizes its Dreams


Developments in recent months clearly show that Saudi Arabia is steadily moving beyond being only a religious Mecca, becoming more and more also a center of political and innovative global gravity. This is not only evidenced by the attempt by Washington, which is losing more and more of its hegemonic position every day, to secure Riyadh’s support during Joe Biden’s recent visit. But also the race…

Biden’s Disastrous Visit to the Middle East


Some time ago, it seemed that there was no more important topic in the United States and the world media controlled by it than the visit of President Joe Biden to the Middle East that had been anticipated and then took place. Well-paid commentators, “pundits and experts” who could hardly find Saudi Arabia on a geographical map and twisted the name of the Saudi…

Joe Biden’s Risky Strategic ‘U-turn’ on Saudi Arabia


A Middle Eastern state that Joe Biden once vowed to make “pariah” has now become pivotal to the success of the US plot to encircle and defeat Russia, both militarily and economically. This, first and foremost, is the cardinal objective behind Biden’s ‘U-turn’ on his Saudia policy and meeting with a CIA-designated ‘murderer’, Crown Prince Muhammad bin…

Arab World on the Eve of Joe Biden’s Visit


The Arab world seems to be not only making successful attempts at unification, but also seeking to play a more active role on the international arena. And here Russia’s plans to transform the selfish unipolar world into a multipolar one, where the interests of all countries, including the Arab states, would be fully taken into account, are consonant with it. In this context…

Biden Wants to Dictate Policy Change to Saudi Arabia


After the failure of numerous Washington emissaries’ attempts to change Saudi Arabia’s perception of the world and force it to take a place in the ranks of “US supporters”, the current US administration has decided to use its latest weapon in this effort by “throwing President Biden to the wolves”. Such a decision by the US is quite understandable. It is…

Saudi Arabia becomes the Primary Destination of Political Pilgrimage


Washington’s recent active attempts to play the Riyadh card in its confrontation with Russia and in maintaining any semblance of US influence in the Middle East have turned Saudi Arabia into a “political Mecca” to which many states have suddenly flocked. The natural front-runner in this race of political pilgrims is the US itself, which…

Washington’s Attempts to Approach Riyadh have So Far Failed to Produce Results


The current White House administration, in its blatantly Russophobic policy of imposing restrictive sanctions on the world’s energy purchases from Russia, is not only struggling to cope with rising global oil prices, but also with the record cost of motor fuel at US gas stations, despite its best efforts. Amid a lack of progress…

Iran-Saudi Arabia Talks are Nearing Closure


The negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia on security issues, which have been under way for more than a year, now appear to be making progress, and an agreement on the two countries’ restoration of diplomatic relations is in sight. But the Saudis’ insistence on linking the talks to the war in Yemen may have the effect of delaying an agreement.  Following the successful…

Can We Expect Saudi Arabia and Israel Normalizing their Relations in the Near Future?


After Israel signed the Abraham Accords in 2020 to normalize relations with the UAE and Bahrain, and then with Morocco, whether Saudi Arabia will be next in line in this process is being actively discussed in the United States, Israel, and the Middle East in general. The intensity of such discussions increased…

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