Israel and its Armed Forces are Hot Topics of Discussion Nowadays


The nation of Israel, one of the key hot spots in the Middle East, has willingly or unwillingly become a party to most conflicts in the region. Since its establishment, the Jewish sate has been continuously boosting its military preparedness and upgrading equipment of its forces. Starting in the 1970s, Israel’s defense industry has been…

How Much will South Korea Pay for American Troops under Biden?


We can recall how one of the long-standing problems in the relations between Seoul and Washington under Trump was the question of how much the Republic of Korea would pay for American troops to be deployed on its territory. It is worth reiterating that by the autumn Korea was ready to pay 13% more than what had been set, while…

Erdogan is Developing the Defense Industry and Foreign Military Ties


Recently, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made a number of high-profile statements about how his country is developing. For example, according to Erdogan, Turkey intends to become one of the world leaders in the field of space and satellite technologies, and starting in 2022 the country plans to set afloat one submarine every…

Defense and Military Industry Development in South Korea


In February 2021, the Defense Industry Promotion Act came into force in the ROK, requiring the government to prioritize domestic manufacturing. South Korea has allocated 176.6 billion won ($159 million) to support the defense industry, a sharp jump from 93.8 billion won in 2020. The government will spend 49.6 billion won to support defense exports, up from 43 billion…

Iraq is Rearming


In addition to the forced withdrawal of the US military from the country, as demanded by the Iraqi authorities and people, the other most popular topic of recent active discussion among Iraqis is the large-scale military parade held on January 6 in Baghdad in honor of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi Armed Forces. As emphasized in a statement from the Prime Minister…

On Japan’s Proposed Defense Budget


The proposed budget posted on the Japanese Ministry of Defense website for this agency for the next financial year, subject to approval during the upcoming regular session of parliament, is worthy of attention for several reasons. First of all, this is because its main provisions attest to the fact that the entire process of the country’s military…

The World has Changed, but Do Not Expect the Incoming Biden Administration to Change Also


One of the great pretences currently being played out to a gullible public is that it actually matters which of Biden or Trump actually won the recent United States presidential election. There is certainly a body of evidence that suggests that the election was less than squeaky clean, but has that been the case since at least when Bush…

Russian S-400 Anti-aircraft Systems Turning Heads


Turkey’s acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense systems attracted the attention of not only the United States and NATO countries. In fact, the entire world is closely following the ongoing year-long confrontation between Washington and Ankara over this arms deal, in which the United States is strenuously trying to involve not only its NATO allies, but strengthen…

Russia and India: Prospects for a Strategic Partnership


For many decades, Russia and India have been conducting close military-technical cooperation (MTC). However, the aggravation of Russia’s relations with the United States, also a close Indian partner, has recently made it more complicated. The United States is trying to pressurize India to reduce its interaction with Russia, for example, to refuse to buy Russian…

Eastern Nations Prefer Russian Weapons to US Ones


In recent years, the United States has increasingly more often impinged on sovereignty of other nations, thus flagrantly flaunting just how uncivilized its policies are. Such behavior is exemplified in various ways: diplomatic pressure exerted on policies of other nations; involvement in color revolutions; imposition of unlawful sanctions, and bans on trading with clear…

The Public Bears the Burden of Growing Military Expenditure


A recent study carried out by Forecast International highlights that world military expenditure had increased overall by more than 13% over the past five years: from $1451 billion in 2015 to $1642 billion in 2019. The biggest spenders on defense last year were countries in North America (43%), Asia (24%) and Europe (15%). Defense spending is expected to grow…

Future EU Army As Trans-Atlantic Relations Crumble


“Munich Security Conference reveals frayed trans-Atlantic ties” read the headline of an opinion piece published by Germany’s broadcaster Deutsche Welle about the recently completed summit and the deteriorating state of trans-Atlantic relations as of recent. “Tensions had been simmering for a long time, and now they have come to the fore: At the Munich…

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