On the “Korean Issue” in the Book Rage by Bob Woodward


The upcoming US presidential election is yielding a series of books designed to analyze how Donald Trump has performed and, more often than not, put forth a rationale why everything went wrong during his tenure. The book Rage occupies a notable place among those; the author is Robert “Bob” Woodward, who is an American cult journalist and an associate…

Kim in a Coma, Stressed Out, or New Fairy Tales from South Korean Intelligence


On August 20, 2020, behind closed doors, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service presented to the National Assembly a report that evoked the latest round of commotion regarding the North Korean leader’s fitness to serve. Members of the media reported that Kim Byung-kee, a representative of the ruling Democratic…

From Where do Fables “Take Off”, or Lessons in Source Studies

On May 2, 2020, North Korea’s leader appeared in public, putting an end to rumors about his death or complete incapacity. The frenzy around this subject demonstrated nicely the value of a few “informed sources,” which in the West are accepted as trustworthy and, while Kim Jong-un wasn’t in sight, were busy distributing blatant…

What’s Going on with Kim Jong-un?


Recently, we reported about the Politburo meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on 11 April 2020 and a modest celebration of the Day of the Sun. Since then Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public. He even skipped an annual visit to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on 15 April to mark the 108th anniversary since the birth of Kim Il-sung…

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