Attorney General Mandelblit Bombs Bibi with Three Charges


Benny Gantz turned in his mandate to President Reuven Rivlin four hours early to get the press interviews over and go to bed early Wednesday night, but little did he know what the morning would bring. As expected, both Bibi and Benny blamed each other’s inflexibility for the failure to form a new government. The only way we will know for sure…

Israel’s Political Soap Opera Stains Rabin Assassination Memorial


After drifting for weeks in dead end attempts to form a new government, the Israeli political drama sunk to an even lower partisan level. Past decorum could not even be maintained at the solemn service of the murdered Prime Minister Rabin, where even the Rabin family jumped into the fray, not to be denied their moment at the microphone…

Israeli Post-Election Countdown – Can Bibi Survive?


“Just societies cannot be run by big money or armed forces with their too narrow agendas. Limitless desire for wealth and blind ambition must be watched and contained as potential public dangers.” – Plato Israel’s election is not really over until a new government is formed. Without a new government, it will be faced with the possibility of a third…

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