Middle East: Tensions Remain High


In a desperate attempt to gain some semblance of an advantage before the presidential election, US President Donald Trump, who is currently trailing his opponent from the Democratic party by 5-7%, decided to play the only trump card he has left – by sending his political “special operatives” to the Middle East. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Donald…

Israel and US are Staging a War while EU Stands By


On May 25, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his new government has six key goals, the main one being to implement what US President Donald Trump describes as “the deal of the century” — the annexation of parts of Samaria and the Jordan Valley. Netanyahu called implementing US President Donald Trump’s peace plan “a historic opportunity…

Washington and Israel’s Territorial Ambitions


As the 2020 US election campaign picks up steam, the Trump administration has gone above and beyond to attract the attention of its most loyal supporters in a bid to obtain their backing. While during his previous election campaign, Trump would use an “America First” slogan to win over the middle class, it’s hardly…

The “Deal of the Century” to Undermine the Palestinians’ Legitimate Rights

Peace for Prosperity, the so-called international conference promoted, with great fanfare, by Washington, and the personal brainchild of Senior Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner, started rather ingloriously in Bahrain, and has concluded without any results. According to its…

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