Turkey Decides to Fight against Social Media


Today, hardly anyone would argue that social media controlled by the US and its Western allies like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are becoming increasingly active in the internal life of many countries, provoking mass protests and political unrest time and time again. The Turkish leadership has recently begun to react quite sensitively to such…

The US and Britain Building up Infowar via Social Media


Social media has gone viral on the Internet over recent years, not just because it is a convenient software tool for communication but since it also provides an opportunity for social grouping and integration. Thanks to its unification of the masses presenting opinions, and general perspective on current affairs, social media has become the most…

More on “North Korean Hackers”


North Korean hackers are an unavoidable subject of discussions considering the recent hype about them yet again. Hence, it is worth looking into the wrongdoings they have been accused of and to what extent they are guilty once more. On 30 May 2019, radio station Voice of America reported that in the opinion of US intelligence agencies, the DPRK, facing economic difficulties…

DPRK’s Digital Potential


North Korea is considered to be one of the poorest countries and many believe that it is behind the rest of the world in the IT sphere. But is this true? Mobile phone and computer penetration As of November 2019, there were 6 million mobile phones (on average costing $100-200) in use in the DPRK. But they cannot be used to make international calls. There are two telecommunication providers…

Who Will Compensate for Stolen Secrets and How?


A scandal is unfolding in the intelligence world today, this time connected to the illegal activities of a Swiss company which used encryption technologies for a global wiretap of over a hundred nations. According to a journalistic investigation conducted by the Swiss TV program Rundschau, the German TV channel ZDF and the The…

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