Update on the Issue of Gilgit-Baltistan in the Context of the “Kashmir Problem”


The former principality of Kashmir was among several hundreds of territories with varying degrees of autonomy on the Indian subcontinent, and in its environs, that became part of British India in the 19th century, the de facto heir to which is modern-day, completely independent Republic of India. But in terms of territory, the latter…

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Visited India and Pakistan


The five-day visit to India that started on October 6th this year made by the physician Abdullah Abdullah, who is the de facto second-in-command with the government in Kabul, is a very remarkable event for a number of reasons. Of these, the first, main one stems from the process that was launched involving sharp changes in the entire situation in this key country in the Central Asian region…

Yet Another Flare-Up in Tensions over Kashmir


The Kashmir conflict, which began at the time the two new sovereign nations of India and Pakistan were formed at the end of 1940s, continues to garner attention from the New Eastern Outlook. It remains one of the most volatile political issues of the Indo-Pacific region. In fact, it is among other acute woes plaguing this part of the world, which stem from…

Imran Khan’s Visit to Malaysia


From 3 to 4 February of this year, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan paid an official visit to Malaysia. Events of this nature are not a common occurrence for a number of reasons, first and foremost, in light of various aspects of the Kashmir conflict and their development. The aforementioned dispute arose at the time (i.e. the end of the 1940s) the independent nations…

Kartarpur Corridor Becomes Complicated


The inauguration of the visa-free Kartarpur Corridor at one of the India-Pakistan border crossings only took place a month ago on November 9. We have not even had enough time for a cautious celebration, but there already seems to have been some truth in the sneaking suspicion that “something is still not quite right here…

India’s Supreme Court Ruling on Hill-Top Temple in Ayodhya


On 9 November of this year, a momentous event occurred in India. And its long-term consequences may be as influential as those that stemmed from the de facto revocation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution that had granted special status to the now former state of Jammu and Kashmir. We are referring here to the ruling by India’s Supreme Court…

On the Opening of the Kartarpur Corridor


An event took place on November 9 this year in a place of great local significance on the Indo-Pakistani border, which could be viewed as the first glimmer of light (albeit still very weak), in what have otherwise been gloomy relations thus far between India and Pakistan. We must remember that both of these states have nuclear…

Bangladeshi Prime Minister’s Visit to India


The 4-day visit to India, which took place at the beginning of October of this year, by Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and the negotiations with her Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, became noteworthy events in South Asia. The situation in the region, which even earlier had been prone to volatility…

Noteworthy Events on Sidelines of Latest UN General Assembly


The New Eastern Outlook has pointed out on more than one occasion that nowadays, in conditions of rapidly transforming world order, the importance of various numerous international platforms does not necessarily depend on their intended mission, but instead on the extent to which…

On Latest Developments after Scrapping Article 370 of India’s Constitution


Consequences of the de facto removal of the essence of Article 370 of India’s Constitution on 5 August are becoming one of the key topics of the Big Game (BG). Something that is no longer merely probable but certain. Hence, variously framed analyses published in the New…

Tensions over Kashmir Issue Continue to Rise


It appears as if the situation developing in the South Asian region has taken on even darker undertones than those described by this author two weeks earlier, i.e. almost immediately after Article 370 of India’s Constitution had been de facto revoked. The Parliament of India…

India on the Eve of Parliamentary Elections


March 10 saw the publication of the official schedule for the elections to the lower house of India’s Parliament, which are an extremely important event in the country’s political life. They may well have a determining impact on the ongoing process of redefining the geopolitical status…

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