Is Great Britain Returning to the Region “East of Suez”?


On September 11th, Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs Toshimitsu Motegi and UK Secretary of State for International Trade Elizabeth Mary Truss announced during a video conference that they had successfully wrapped up three months of talks on signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which will enter into force in the beginning of next year. This does not mean…

On the Latest Video Summits Held between the EU and PRC


Sino-European relations remain one of the chief components in the world’s rapidly changing political puzzle. On top of that, this component itself often undergoes transformations, and NEO keeps track of this process on a more or less constant basis. The last time we addressed this topic was because of a series of events that occurred at the beginning of the summer…

NATO in Danger of Falling Apart with an Identity Crisis


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the objective need for NATO to exist vanished. However, instead of dissolving itself, the alliance is strenuously turning Europe into a target for a nuclear strike, wrote Contra Magazin. Already very tired of Anglo-Saxon hegemony, Italy, Germany and France are talking more and more about a potential threat from the United States…

France is getting Involved in Regional Power Games in Asia – but in What Capacity?


In view of two noteworthy events which occurred in early September this year, it may be interesting to take another look at France’s plans to joining the power games being played out in the Indian and Pacific Ocean region, which is becoming a key arena in the current phase of the global political contest. It is “another look”, as NEO briefly…

Britain’s “Gears” are Stuck


Great Britain, a country that has, undoubtedly, mistreated inhabitants of its former colonies in the East, is in the midst of an “old age crisis”, indicative of an imminent collapse of its empire. Nowadays, nothing is going right for the UK, the country has lost not only its influential status abroad but also its guiding principles at home that govern the way the populace lives. Yet another sign of its troubles is a recent…

China – Great Britain: the End of the “Golden Era”?


The title of this article, to a certain extent answering its own question, reflects the author’s understanding of the current state of Sino-British relations which have been the focus of increased press coverage in both countries since the beginning of this year. In particular, the Chinese newspaper Global Times recently posed a similar (admittedly milder) version of this…

NATO’s Collapse Draws Nearer


Politicians and experts have been discussing the presence of a deep crisis within North Atlantic Alliance for many decades. It may seem purely symbolic, however France has pointed out the existence of a crisis on multiple occasions: first in 1966, when Charles de Gaulle decided to withdraw France from the military integrated structures of NATO, and then when the alliance’s headquarters…

The Disappointing Aftermath of NATO’s 70th Anniversary


The summit marking the 70th anniversary of NATO held at Watford near London was, quite predictably, a disappointment. The media has already dubbed it as the shortest and least productive in the history of the Alliance, and the number of scandals during the event has broken all records. Tensions flared on the very first day of the gathering, with the leaders…

The Reaction of America’s European Allies to Nuclear Escalation in Europe


There are reportedly around 20 B61 nuclear bombs at the German Bundeswehr’s Büchel Air Base alone. If an armed conflict were to break out, German pilots flying Panavia Tornado aircraft would drop nuclear bombs on the “enemy”. American nuclear bombs are also stored at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and…

Just How Independent is the EU from the US?


The shifting global balance, redistribution of power, geopolitical uncertainties, together with the doubts about the reliability of the United States as an ally are leading to the question of how independent the EU really is. The answer to this question is particularly important these days, on the eve of the new EU Commission starting…

Europe and the Future of Migration


Just recently, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) announced that the global migration flow reached 272 million people this year, which constitutes an increase of 51 million from last year’s numbers. Migrants now make 3.5% of the total world population. Unlike refugees, migrants do not venture into…

The EAEU Expands Westward


The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was established at the beginning of 2015. The founding member states were Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, joined by Armenia on January 2 and Kyrgyzstan in August 2015. The EAEU has not accepted any new countries as full member states since then, but the Union is open to the possibility of cooperating with countries all around the world, not just countries in Eurasia, and…

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