Anti-Turkish Coalition is Getting Bigger by the Day


In recent years, Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan has been actively promoting an incredibly ambitious, yet extremely risky strategy that can be broadly described as Neo-Ottomanism or attempts to restore the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, he would strive to present Turkey as the defender of the oppressed, the second homeland of all Muslims…

Who’s behind Ankara’s Attempts to Provoke the Next Big War?


It’s hardly a surprise that these days one can come across claims that an overt war is about to be started in Syria on the pages of the German site known as Handelsblatt. The publication argues that once Syrian government forces killed dozens of Turkish soldiers in Idlib on the night of February 28, Ankara is bound to launch…

Modern Turkey: History and Today


The Treaty of Lausanne, which had the 96th anniversary of its signing on July 24, is considered the last treaty of World War I. It stipulated the establishment of the modern Republic of Turkey after the War of Independence against the occupational forces of the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Greece. The treaty recognized…

Turkey Election Results: Erdogan Remains in Power with Odds in his Favour


On June 24, Turkey held the Presidential and Parliamentary elections simultaneously for the first time. They were to conclude the process of the Constitution reform aimed at the country’s transition from the parliamentary governmental form to the presidential one. Recep Tayyip…

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