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US Supertankers Pose an Environmental Threat to Europe

Супертанкеры США

The US aims to ship oil to the EU by massive tankers as a result of Washington’s sanctions campaign against Russia and the requirement it placed upon Europe to purchase a sizeable amount of American oil as a result. Specifically, these tankers include the 320,000-ton Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) and the 200,000-ton Suezmax vessel…

Russian gas hub in Turkey, a profitable reality

Газовый хаб

Given the high dependence of today’s energy-intensive economy on gas supplies, it can be argued that any proposals to optimize the transit and sale of the blue fuel are of high interest in world markets. Before the aggravation of Russian-Ukrainian relations, the European Union was the main buyer of Russian gas, with export volumes reaching as high as 174.3 billion cubic meters…

Is France going to be able to maintain its position in Africa?

Франция Африка

On March 1-5, French President Macron visited a number of African countries, leaving observers with a bitter taste in their mouths.  Conceived with great fanfare as a presentation of Paris ostensibly new course aimed at “equal cooperation” with the African continent, it was remembered only for scandals, public spats with African presidents, and taunts…