A String of Pearls at the Present Stage of Great World Politics


The term “string of pearls” is commonly used to denote the extensive strategy of the PRC to comprehensively expand its presence in the Indo-Pacific region. We note right away that although such a strategy is undoubtedly present (for example, in the form of its most important element, which is the political and economic concept of the Belt and Initiative), this term…

Is China’s Space Programme Overly Ambitious?


It’s only natural for us, humans to explore the limits of our existence, venturing into the great unknown time and time again. Against this backdrop, it’s hardly surprising that China has recently announced that it’s on the road to becoming a respectable spacefaring nation. It’s rather fascinating that as Apollo…

A China Food Crisis More Danger Than Trade War?


China faces a threat to its agriculture that could do far more damage to her political stability and economy than the escalating USA tariff war. In recent months cases of deadly African Swine Fever (ASF) among the pig population of the world’s largest pig producer have forced…

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