France is getting Involved in Regional Power Games in Asia – but in What Capacity?


In view of two noteworthy events which occurred in early September this year, it may be interesting to take another look at France’s plans to joining the power games being played out in the Indian and Pacific Ocean region, which is becoming a key arena in the current phase of the global political contest. It is “another look”, as NEO briefly…

On the Trade and Military Agreement between Iran and China


In the last two or three months, leading media around the world have been paying attention to the “imminent” signing of a bilateral document, described as a Trade and Military Partnership, between China and Iran. The New York Times claims to obtain “an 18-page proposed agreement”. This may well be the case, as…

Issue of Taiwan’s Newly Designed Passport Covers


Only a few days ago, the author discussed what could be behind the move to leave out the “Republic of China” (ROC) title on the official name plate of the Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland (which practically none of the nations recognize as a state). And, more recently, there has been another piece of news about a redesigned cover…

PRC President on China and Tibet


President Xi Jinping’s speech at the 7th Central Symposium on Tibet Work on August 29 (an event seemingly dedicated to some of the country’s domestic issues) included quite a noteworthy message on foreign policy stemming from two inter-connected issues: the history of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and characteristics of modern politics…

China – Great Britain: the End of the “Golden Era”?


The title of this article, to a certain extent answering its own question, reflects the author’s understanding of the current state of Sino-British relations which have been the focus of increased press coverage in both countries since the beginning of this year. In particular, the Chinese newspaper Global Times recently posed a similar (admittedly milder) version of this…

China-EU Relations during SARS COV-2 Pandemic


Several noteworthy events linked to the China-EU ties have taken place recently. At first glance, they appeared to be routine in nature because during the past decade these events have been held on an annual basis. They are particularly relevant nowadays due mainly to the current geopolitical context. The events the author is referring to include…

US-China Relations amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Relations between China and the United States are a key component of this current level of the Great Global Game being played out in international affairs, and the COVID-19 pandemic is a factor that is generally having a negative impact on their relations, putting them under increasing strain. Although more positive trends could seem more appropriate, given that the…

On some of the Significant Events in East Asia towards the End of 2019


There has been a series of events that have shaped the overall political landscape in East Asia, and all of the events which have been more or less significant are worth reflecting on. After all, this is the first place where we see the interests of the world’s two most powerful countries collide — the United States and China. Japan’s return to…

Elections in Hong Kong


The Hong Kong District Council elections were held on 24 November 2019 for all of its 18 District Councils. Various political parties, described as pan-democratic in Beijing and pro-democratic by the Western media outlets, swept to an overwhelming victory after winning 85 % of the votes (cast by the electorate who came…

Regular ASEAN Summits and Prospects for Proposed RCEP Free Trade Agreement


The fate of the ASEAN Plus Six project has become a key issue at the annual ASEAN summits, the latest of which was held in Bangkok in early November. The proposed project would see the formation of the world’s largest free trade zone, made up of the Association’s 10 Southeast Asian member states (ASEAN itself), plus partner states…

19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Concludes its 4th Plenary Session


One of the most noteworthy events that took place in the Indo-Pacific recently was, undoubtedly, the fourth plenary session of the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee (elected in October 2017), held from 28 to 31 October in Beijing. The previous (3rd) plenary session…

Current State of Relations between PRC and Taiwan: No Glimmer of Hope


Currently, the focus of the complex relationship between the two world powers, the United States and the PRC, is on the “trade war” whose course can neither be reversed nor actually halted. Despite the optimism shown by both sides after the 13th (scheduled) round of negotiations ended (which took place in…

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