BC: Smartphone Wars: Yandex & Huawei Challenge Western Monopolies


The arrest of Chinese telecommunications CFO Meng Wanzhou has sent shockwaves through the global markets. The context of the smartphone industry and the challenges facing big monopolies from Russia and China is vital background information for anyone who wants to understand these recent, dramatic events…

BC: Saudia-Israel Alliance: A Quest for Ultimate Malware

BRI1 (1)

The news of Saudi-Israeli alliance should not have come as a surprise to any close observer of inter-state relations and of the manner in which geo-political alliances, overt and covert, are formed. It is a well known fact that when interests of two ‘enemy’ states converge, especially because of the common threat they face from a common enemy, they tend…

BC: Syrian Refugees ‘Abandoned’ in Lebanon


Syrian refugees. There are several million of them all over the region: in Turkey and Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon, even in Egypt. Clearly, a “Syrian refugee crisis” has been triggered by the West and by its allies, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. For years, all of these countries have been hard at work, destabilizing the secular and socially oriented…

BC: North Korea and the Hydrogen Bomb


Talks about a North Korean hydrogen bomb were successfully superimposed on a new round of speculations that the North was about to lash out again. Way back in late October the South Korean media, citing a source in the government, reported that work on the construction of a new tunnel was being conducted at…

BC: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Reeks of Northwoods

5522 (1)

July 17, 2014. A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 on flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur plunged out of the sky in eastern Ukraine. The crash resulted in the death of all 298 passengers and crew. Malaysian Premier Najib Razak lashed out at those behind the geopolitical chess…

BC: Economic Espionage: The Curse of ‘Soft Spying’


Despite Hollywood romanticizing about Bonds and Bournes, one of the most prevalent forms of modern intelligence activity is also arguably the least emphasized: economic and industrial espionage. Aimed at garnering a financial and innovation advantage for countries seeking greater influence in a highly globalized world, this…

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