BC: The Collapse of Rome: Washington’s $6.5 trillion Black Hole


Students of history will find eerie but quite predictable parallels between the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century AD and the collapse of America’s global hegemony today. Not only has the choice of political so-called leaders become the near-exclusive province of big money patriarchs and their corporate interests. The choice…

BC: Soros: The European Union is a “Failed” Experiment In “International Governance”


Is the Western elite’s brainchild – the European Union – disintegrating? Due to persistent economic problems, the rise of “popular resentment” across the continent, the political fallout after the illegal coup in Ukraine and the subsequent unpopular economic war on Russia, the EU is on the verge of crumbling. In an…

BC: Imran Khan and the Silk Road


The election of Imran Khan represents a turnabout in policy in South Asia in ways few expect. Khan will close the door on America’s longtime policy toward the Caspian Basin, a policy of dominance, regime change and military colonization. That policy will die a needed and painful death First of all, where no Pakistani leader ever could before, Khan will…

BC: Trump’s Rejection of the JCPOA Poses a Major Threat


President Trump has announced that he is no longer willing to certify Iran’s compliance with the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreed to by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus the European Union (EU), Germany and Iran in July 2015. That agreement was unanimously endorsed by the Security…

BC: EX-CIA Chief John Brennan Describes Trump as a National Security Risk


Trump is… ‘Unstable, inept, inexperienced, and also unethical’ ~ John Brennan Well the gloves have certainly come off now. No former top security government official has even made such damning statements about a sitting president as ex-CIA head John Brennan did last week. And this was not a Trump-style off-the-cuff…

BC: Surviving on the Battlefield in the Information War


There is undoubtedly an information war raging. There are intentional liars, people who witlessly repeat these lies, poor research, and opinions spun to look as if it is research. To sort the ever increasing amount of information from disinformation, there are a few simple methods people can use. But above all, people must personally dedicate…

BC: A View of the Deadly World Order


The outlook for humanity is not good. Crises that should by now, not even exist in the 21st Century, they now affect every man, woman, and child on the planet. Still, reality never really sinks in for the people of the world. Hollywood and the PR gamers obscure the same evils humankind has endured for countless centuries. Meanwhile, the real villains escape…

BC: Italy: Artificial Financial Crisis: All About Protecting the US!


Yet again, we have a financial crisis in Europe. After the bailouts in Greece and Portugal we are told that Italy, once described as “too big to fail”, is once again on the verge of bankruptcy and the rest of the EU will be forced to ride in to rescue it. Apparently the financial press has it in for the Italians. We have been seeing similar prophecies…

BC: America, the Runaway Train


Nearly half a century ago I demonstrated to stop the Vietnam War. At the time I was attending Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. On every public occasion, and they have so many in America, holidays of every kind, we would get together, meet in a small park near the state capitol building. By “we” I mean Vietnam veterans, not all…

BC: Syria: Difficult Choices

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At present we are witnessing an escalation of tension around the Syrian conflict, but Syria itself hasn’t got much to do with it. The Western powers don’t seem to care all that much about Syria and the fate of its people. The Syrian fate is of utmost importance to its regional neighbors who have to deal with the refugees flows. Those are Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. Iran is looking curiously…

BC: The Thailand Puzzle

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It appears that the fight for democracy has been dragging on for years in Thailand. The country has now been in an uproar for two months. The situation is critical and tensions are on the verge of boiling over as the country’s government became paralysed due to the anti-government protests on an unprecedented scale. The mass protests are not caused so much…

BC: Facebook Is Teetering at the Top of the Beanstalk


Facebook and other social media were supposed to foster community and give a voice to the greater masses. This was the appeal of social media in the first place. In case Mark Zuckerberg or Twitter’s Jack Dorsey forgot – we made you, and we can break you. The recent move by Facebook to censor ads…

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