BC: The French 9/11: Reasons and Lessons


The policy of double standards and blatant hypocrisy of the European Union have led to what would have happened sooner or later – international terrorism striking back in the center of civilized world – Paris. On November 13, terrorists launched 7 separate attacks in the French capital, that claimed the lives of over 150 people. The attack in the Bataclan…

BC: The American Shakedown


The American shake down of its allies continues as President Trump and his Defence Minister, James Mattis attend the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11. The Americans are once again complaining that their allies in the NATO war machine don’t contribute enough to NATO, meaning the US, to fight America’s wars. Trump is really saying in so many words…

BC: A New Middle East: An Assessment


Developments in Syria and Iraq are in an dynamic phase where day to day developments can distract from the assessment of probable midi- to long-term developments. Operand factors in this assessment are Russian – Turkish relations, a redirection of Russian Middle East policy, the accord on Iran’s nuclear energy program…

BC: The US is Getting Stuck in the Middle East

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All the past wars and conflicts seem to have taught Washington nothing, since it’s no wiser than it used to be. Today the US doesn’t have the military might or financial resources to dictate its will to countries with non-Western cultures. The White House has been proved unable to shape other states along its own patternIt has…

BC: Terror and Totalitarian Powers: When Will the French State of Emergency End?

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Another day; another terrorist attack: it seems that every day I wake up at the minute there is a new terrorist attack that has shook the European continent, with France being the scene of frequent attacks over the past 19 months. The most recent attack in France (at the time of writing anyway) was on a church…

BC: Iran Maneuvers to “Contain the US” in Syria


Apart from Russia, it is Iran that has a legitimate presence in Syria, and has fought directly to prevent the fall of Assad from power. Over the last six years of Syrian war, Iran’s role and character has expanded and changed from sending military advisers and fighters to becoming a new bone of contention between Russia and the US over its future presence and role…

BC: Drive to Replace Russian Gas Supplies to EU Intensifies

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The US is intensifying its efforts to replace Russia as one of the EU’s largest energy suppliers, hoping to provide gas from the US itself to Europe, in addition to exploring regional players as possible suppliers. As Sputnik reported in an article titled: US will be Able to Supply Gas to Ukraine in Two Years…

BC: Why Are We Being Lied to?


Over the past few years, there has been a general breakdown in how reality is perceived. In fact, the term “reality” itself is under assault, everything from issues of controlled news, false flag terrorism, challenges to basic physical laws and even issues of “disclosure,” the tantalizing idea that a complex interstellar world exists. A very real part of what has happened is a calculated attack on…

BC: Did the United States Really Put a Man on the Moon?

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The latest US propaganda stunt has been an attempt to “celebrate” the 50th anniversary of the “moon landing saga”. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this memory has been exploited by the directors who put together this American propaganda for one main reason — to unite a deeply divided America, albeit briefly, by boosting the morale and patriotism in the country…

BC: Taliban Rebranded… This Time It’s All About Russia

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We all remember the slogans the US and UK used to justify their invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Firstly, the Taliban had to be removed because they were harbouring Islamic terrorists, such as Osama bin Laden who was held responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Secondly, the Taliban was an oppressive, fundamentalist Islamic movement, so unless it went it would…

BC: Europe is Never Gonna Get it Together!

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Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wharton, Capote, Mann, Kafka, Svevo, Hesse, turn over in your graves! The cosmopolitan Europe of Paris, Vienna and Prague only managed to come together briefly over your tombs! Its thirty-some nations, each with their own language, quarrels and elephantine historical memories, will soon be gone, destroyed neither by Russian tanks…

BC: Okinawans Rebel Against the US and Tokyo

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“Any man in combat who lacks comrades who will die for him, or for whom he is willing to die, is not a man at all. He is truly damned.” – William Manchester, in Goobye Darkness The game has changed in Okinawa. The usual apologies for the latest gruesome crime, with promises to see that such things never happen again, has been thrown…

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