USA in the World

Mini Nukes and M16: The Economy of War

The discussion below is a rare glimpse into the world of modern warfare and weapons design. The participants are the…

America Ungoverned

When America gets it wrong over and over, allows its own borders to be overrun, backs terrorists long known to…

US vs. Germany: The “Gentleman’s Agreement” Is Crumbling

Germany and the United States, two western imperialist countries, are moving further and further away from each other. German Chancellor…

Smallpox: A Deadly Shell Game

The recent announcement by the WHO that it was postponing a decisión on destroying the remaining smallpox depositories—one allegedly in…

The Propaganda and Politics of MH17

The downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 (MH17) is a tragedy that will be remembered for years to come. However,…

Malaysian Aircraft Incident: Every US War Starts With A Lie

The US news media is buzzing about the Malayasian airline which was downed from the sky in Ukraine. Some questions…

Organized crime’s next big project: renewable energy

International organized crime has long since taken an interest in investing its funds in legitimate business, including in the most…

The Evolution of US War Propaganda

In the 1984, millions of people in movie audiences in the US were subjected to a right-wing action movie entitled…

MH17: World See Tragedy, US Sees “Game Changer”

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power made a series of baseless, contradictory accusations aimed at politically exploiting…

Legislating the Way to World War 3?

The US Congress is doing its part to escalate the tensions with Russia over Ukraine and a host of other…

So, You Want to Know the Truth About 9/11?

In recent weeks, intelligence agencies of France, Russia and Britain along with key members of the UN’s nuclear non-proliferation organization,…

Neutralism in modern conditions

Most people tend to take a neutral position in relation to the various parties who are embroiled in a conflict.…

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