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Prisoners of Preconception – The Problems of Bias in American Intelligence

Anyone who has worked through post-mortems on the Iraq war is familiar with the pitfalls associated with ‘groupthink’ and preconceptions.…

The Global Context of the Ferguson Uprising

On August 9th, unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown was killed by Police Officer Darren Wilson. This is not an uncommon…

Justice is Lynched in Ferguson

The Missouri grand jury has spoken on the Ferguson shooting. All the hype about a 6’4” 320-pound young black man…

Freedom of Association: Why Independence Has Become the Preserve of the Far Right

For almost all of human history there have been Empires. Even in the ancient world there was a distinction between…

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold, Even Gold

In times of socioeconomic turmoil, gold receives renewed interest. It is seen as a means of exchange with enduring value…

Assisted Suicide—A Slippery Slope to Eugenics?

With last week's vote on A2270, New Jersey's Assembly approved physician assisted suicide. Oregon, Washington and Vermont have also passed…

US at Crossroads Between Russia, Middle East, and China

Washington officials have recently announced that the United States is going to increase its military presence in Iraq, at the…

CIA’s Analysis of the International Trends to 2030

Attempts to predict the global trends is one of the key elements of Washington's policy, since if successful these attempts…

Obama Surpassed G.W. Bush in Incompetence

American voters have punished Obama by handing over Congress to the Republicans, even though it seems that he failed to understand why this…

America’s Nuclear Command Melt Down

While the US is negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program and American lawmakers like Senator John McCain calling for…

BRICS’ Brazil President Next Washington Target

Brazil’s newly re-elected President, Dilma Rousseff, survived a massive US State Department disinformation campaign to win a runoff vote against…

Big Pharma Sells Ineffective, Potentially Deadly Anti-cancer Drugs

Medical experts are saying that the biggest flaw of Big Pharma today is a high percentage of ineffective products being sold…

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