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Ebola? How Do You Know, WHO and CDC?

There is something perversely strange about the entire hoopla around the so-called Ebola outbreaks. An African man is admitted to…

Nuclear Threats Enter the Mainstream

In private discussions with investigators from the IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear non-proliferation investigators, they privately admitted…

Censorship Alert: the Alternative Media Getting Harassed by the NSA


Google’s Safe Browsing List that blocks websites and flags them as containing malware is increasingly used as mechanism for the censoring of independent media and the falsification of history. It is an alarming development that, left unchallenged, puts the survival…

The Neoconservative Hit List: Iraq, Libya and now Syria? A Plan for Global US Military Supremacy

1997 witnessed the birth of one of the most pivotal American think tanks in modern times, whose ideas and objectives…

The Non-Existence of Human Rights and International Justice

Victims of the most serious crimes recognized by mankind have no legal remedy to seek justice and compensation. International treaties,…

Obama’s UN Heart of Darkness

I can only describe Obama’s UN performance as a presidential tour of the Twilight Zone and Alice in Wonderland all…

From Ukraine to Syria: UN’s Selective Defense of Human Rights

For the past several years, the United Nations has served as a platform for Syria's enemies to air allegations of…

The Dance of Deception: The US Holocaust Museum Сaught Сovering Up Genocide

Question: What do Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel, neo-con darling and former Department of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff…

9/11 Plus Thirteen, A Decline Into Madness

Another anniversary of 9/11 has just passed. The media inside the US has been inundated with a flurry of Islamophobic…

The GMO Labeling Conundrum

It would seem that large agricultural corporations touting genetically modified organisms (GMOs) they claim possess enhanced benefits for farmers and…

Organized Crime – Major Threat of the 21st Century

In recent years, a growing number of European experts based on their conducted analysis of the activity of transnational organized…

US Biodefense: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

In The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The  Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, author Graeme MacQueen ties together a considerable breadth of evidence…

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