USA in the World

CIA’s Analysis of the International Trends to 2030

Attempts to predict the global trends is one of the key elements of Washington's policy, since if successful these attempts…

Obama Surpassed G.W. Bush in Incompetence

American voters have punished Obama by handing over Congress to the Republicans, even though it seems that he failed to understand why this…

America’s Nuclear Command Melt Down

While the US is negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program and American lawmakers like Senator John McCain calling for…

BRICS’ Brazil President Next Washington Target

Brazil’s newly re-elected President, Dilma Rousseff, survived a massive US State Department disinformation campaign to win a runoff vote against…

Big Pharma Sells Ineffective, Potentially Deadly Anti-cancer Drugs

Medical experts are saying that the biggest flaw of Big Pharma today is a high percentage of ineffective products being sold…

Princeton makes it official — USA Has Become Oligarchy, No Democracy


American media is fond of speaking about “Russian Oligarchs” as if Russia were the only nation that allowed accumulation of such unprecedented wealth. The Yeltsin days of dis-order and collapse indeed saw the rapid rise of many fortunes and…

Redistribution of Hydrocarbons According to Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger, who served as Secretary of State in the administrations of Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, in his…

Has Washington Just Shot Itself in the Oily Foot?

By now even the New York Times is openly talking about the secret Obama Administration strategy of trying to bankrupt…

White House is Planning to Conquer Cyberspace with its “Plan X”

In recent years, the White House has intensified its efforts to ensure its global domination trough various means, like waging…

The American Failure behind ‘Grand Strategic Cultures’ and Modern Conflict

This work is about how a specific conceptualization of ‘culture’ in intelligence studies, amongst scholars at first but subsequently practitioners…

Gold or Gunfire: Hedging Against the Collapse of the Dollar

A global economic collapse has become unavoidable, said former chief economist of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) William White…

Why is the Pentagon making Ebola ‘therapeutic’ and CDC Patenting Ebola strains?

The growing Ebola panic, being deliberately fanned by the criminally-irresponsible Dr Margaret Chan, the notorious “Swine Flu Pandemic” Director General…

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