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USA in the World

A Turning Point in Brazil: Which Way Forward for Dilma Rousseff?

In a highly polarized Latin America, Brazil has held out for a little more than a decade as an island…

American UAV Apartheid and the ‘Blowback’ of New Drone Armies

It is perhaps a misnomer to discuss future ‘blowback:’ there have been groups actively pursuing technological attacks on American targets…

The Covert Eugenics Agenda: Melodie Scott and Dr. Wouter Basson

It is a generally accepted axiom that one of the primary purposes of government is to protect its citizenry. The…

IT Independence is National Security

The NSA's "Equation Group" is apparently behind the infection with malware of hard drive firmware on computers used by nations…

The Global Crisis of Exports: Oil, Steel, and Guns

The revolutionary government of Venezuela is facing great challenges. In 1999, the Bolivarian government began the process of transforming the…

Rumsfeldt’s Missing Trillions, Stavridis and Unconventional War

September 10, 2001. U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeldt stated that 2.3 trillion dollar from the Pentagon's annual budget could…

Gates and Obama Share a Dark Secret

In 2014 there was the western Africa Ebola hoax where US President Barack Obama, the first black man to be…

Drowning in Garbage — Some Creative Solutions

Along with generally unstable governments and economic woes, the developing world has another, somewhat insidious problem: plastic pollution. International corporations,…

Hillary: The New York Times Will Never Tell Us This

If she wasn’t such an ice-cold-hearted person, one might almost feel sorry for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, before she even…

Who is Killing Opposition Members?

Foreign experts, including those living in countries that have had a first hand experience with “color revolutions”, continue to discuss…

The World if Gore Had Won

In 1990, a plan to take down America was hatched in a Jerusalem bar. American counter-intelligence, Hanke, Higgins and others,…

Ethics, Law, and the Changing Drone Landscape

Perhaps the most striking thing when reviewing the impressive literature that examines drone conflict and international law is just how…

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