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It’s a MAD MAD MAD Cyber World


Many cyber experts state that the United States is woefully ill-prepared for a sophisticated cyber-attack and that each passing day brings us one step closer to a potential virtual Armageddon. While the problems hindering the development of an effective and comprehensive cyber deterrence policy are clear (threat measurement, attribution, information-sharing, legal codex…

Obama’s Asia Pivot: The Sad Story of American Exceptionalism

This week the earth moved under our feet... permanently. In past articles, I have used the term “America putting nails…

While Pulling Out of the Global Arena, the US Is Undermining International Stability

During the administration of President Obama, the United States has unleashed, initiated or participated in at least seven major regional…

What Drives The West’s Self-Destructive Belligerence?

"Europe whole and free" and the "reconstruction and enlargement" of Europe. That is how the corporate-funded Atlantic Council - NATO's defacto public…

Crimean Tatars in the Political Game against Russia

Throughout centuries the Crimea was traditionally regarded by the Western and Turkish authorities as a key to dominance in the…

NASA & Russian Space Legacy Threatened in Ukraine

Across the surface of Earth, Russia and America have been engaged in direct and indirect conflict for decades. Above the…

Obama: The Foreign Policy Closet Conservative


Analyzing President Obama’s foreign policy, or rather, analyzing the intellectual and positional evolution of his global positions is no easy task. It would not be hyperbole to say Obama came into office with the hopes and dreams of millions of Democrats and perhaps even the muted optimism of many moderate Republicans. In other words, hitting everything right on the mark was likely impossible…

The Middle East: “peacekeeping” by American mercenaries

According to German reporters, dozens of American special services staff are working with the authorities that illegally took power in…

Shale Gas: Another White House Lie

The world has long accepted that in the name of world domination, Washington often resorts to a policy of lies…

The White House’s Nazis

Among Washington's most unsavory allies could be counted the unelected hereditary regime of Saudi Arabia, the homophobic, violent mobs of…

Washington‘s Shale Boom Going Bust

To read the headlines, it seems that the USA has emerged out of the blue to the point of becoming…

The World According to TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine echos Wall Street and Washington - so when it speaks, readers must listen in that context. Nothing shows…

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