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Pompeo: The Man of US Foreign Policy Catastrophe

If a significant part of Mike Pompeo’s job as a Secretary of State was to persuade nations to align their…

Walking Into A Nuclear Nightmare


The world faces the very real prospect of a nuclear war. That this can be said after a century of world and regional wars, most of them begun or instigated by the USA and its puppet states, and 75 years after the United Nations was created to ensure that world wars could never happen again, reveals the complete moral bankruptcy of the west. For the threat of nuclear…

America’s Military, Murdered or Murderers?


American military are stealing oil in Syria, trucking it into Turkey while the Syrian people do without fuel. American military burned wheat fields in Syria, this is not conjecture. American military attacked Syria with missiles, albeit with a humorous lack of success, in response to poison gas attacks that the US and its coalition partners were complicit in staging, this is not…

Pence, Buttigieg, Amy Coney Barret & The Political Rise of Indiana


Its very clear that various competing interests and factions within the US political establishment are pushing different agendas and strategies. These differences often play out on a regional basis. Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States, was relatively unknown on the national stage as Governor of Indiana, until Donald Trump selected…

Trump and Racialization of US Relations with China


When the US president recently delivered his UNGA speech, he signified how he has systematically racialized the US foreign policy. This was mainly evident from his choice of words about China and COVID-19, calling the virus, yet again, “China Virus” and presenting the pandemic as a ‘Chinese conspiracy’, demanding a probe into it to hold China accountable. While…

The United States and Human Trafficking


In the beginning of October, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order about imposing sanctions on countries that, in Washington’s opinion, “do not put forth sufficient efforts to combat human trafficking”. The list of countries put together by Washington specifically includes Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Cuba, and the DPRK. In addition, US representatives…

On the Subject of Invincible Trump, Soulless Joe, Skynet, and the Pope of Wall Street


New this week, America has a new superhero. A Washington career politician becomes the soul reaver of America. And, Elon Musk has just been hired by the Pentagon to build missile-tracking satellites for the US Space Development Agency (SDA). Oh, and in other news, Pope Francis has joined billionaire Warren Buffett in blaming…

Will it be Biden and Putin, Making the New World?


The current situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan has shown the world the dangers of secret pacts and ancient grudges as a new “August 1914” moves toward reality. As early as 2012, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf States began arming al Qaeda and ISIS, deploying them against both Syria and Iraq. Other nations aided as well, not just…

Battlefield Social Media: The West’s Growing Censorship


Censorship in the West flourishes as tech giants turn social media back into traditional programmed media. The United States, United Kingdom and the European Union are fond of passing judgement on nations around the globe regarding “free speech.” While it is increasingly clear to a growing number of people that this “concern” is disingenuous and aimed at merely…

The United States has Intensified the Process of Forming Coalitions against its Adversaries


The results of Washington’s foreign policy in recent years demonstrate that the United States is openly adhering to the principle of the “Wild West”, consolidating the rights of the strong at the expense of international law and UN principles. This is exactly what explains Washington’s escalation of crisis situations…

The Military Cavalry of US Ambassadors in CIS is Increasing


Nowadays, it comes as no surprise that US policy is becoming more militaristic with each passing day. We can see this by the approaches the White House takes toward resolving domestic policy issues, and the forceful methods adopted by the American police in confronting people, and not only the country’s black population. This…

Are We Almost Done As a Globe?


Everyone knows the Engish nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”, but few realize the famous single quatrain melody is really about the breakage of great men and great nations. Though we often refer to world leaders in terms of their “broken egg” fates, we seldom take to heart what happens when things get so broken, that we can’t glue them back together. This brings…

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