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Is Trump Covering Up his Defeat through the China-US Trade Deal?


On January 15, the US president signed a ‘historic’ trade deal with China in the White House. Strangely enough, the deal was signed by the US president himself despite the fact that his Chinese counterpart was not there. From the Chinese side, China’s Vice premier, a foreign dignitary far below in protocol, signed…

Washington Desperation Drives Nuclear Proliferation


A cornered animal is a dangerous animal. For the elite in Washington, with the terminal decline of their “American Century” and the global empire it built during it, they find themselves in a most unaccommodating corner and thus have become increasingly reckless and dangerous in their decision making. Compounding matters exponentially is the fact…

Pompeo: New US Policy Authorized Drones Strikes on Russian, Chinese Leaders

NEO COLLAGE - pompeo

President Trump, and not obliquely, has put the assassination of Vladimir Putin “on the table” as part of a new policy, one at direct odds with both American and international law.  This isn’t just a broad policy against those Washington deems enemies, but Russia was specifically listed as a target for highest level assassinations…

Political Assassinations – Washington’s “Signature Move”


“The US government is no stranger to the dark arts of political assassinations. Over the decades it has deployed elaborate techniques against its foes, from dispatching a chemist armed with lethal poison to try to take out Congo’s Patrice Lumumba in the 1960s to planting poison pills (equally unsuccessfully)…

Western ‘Political Correctness’ does Not Make All People Equal


In the West, there is a new wave of political correctness at work: it is all about one’s sexual orientation; who has sex with whom, and how. Suddenly, the mass media in London, Paris and New York is greatly concerned about who has the right to change his or her sex, and who does not want to belong to any ‘traditional’ gender bracket. Thinking about ‘it’, writing about it…

A Policy Brief on Sanctions and Collateral Damage


In the wake of recent developments in the Middle East, it seems like a good for an objective assessment of US policy and strategy in the region. The US administration’s ramped-up belligerence and Iran’s counteractions created a crisis level no normal citizen of either country could want. The strategy of failing strategies, this is what the Trump administration seems fixed on…

BC: Social Psychopathy and Tyranny

G740 bw

Something spoken of only in whispers is talk of a military coup in Washington. Few are aware of the factions in America’s military such as “Dominionists” who run the Air Force or did until former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Chairman JCOS Marty Dempsey “eliminated them.” You see, since the 1980s, religious extremism took root in America’s service…

Brainwashing – A Silly Cold War Propaganda Concept


In the United States, one phrase you cannot avoiding hearing on a regular basis is “This is the greatest country in the world” or “America is the greatest country in the world.” This is repeated constantly on American TV, from American politicians, and from average Americans when giving their assessment of world events. If one inquires of someone who utters the phrase…

Washington Sells Scrap Metal at a Premium Price Tag


Back in 2003, an alternative media site based in Belgium – Indy Media, published a rather clever article titled “Why America Needs War” drafted by a renowned political scientist, Jacques R. Pauwels. Due to the fact that this article has recently been republished by a well-known and respected alternative media site Global Research, a lot of attention has been drawn…

How Come the “War Party” Always Wins?


A Democrat-dominated US House of Representatives voted last Thursday to adopt a legal measure aimed at curbing the US president’s powers to wage war on Iran. The measure was taken against the backdrop of an increasing US-Iranian military confrontation, reaching an extremely high level after a US air strike killed Qasim Soleimani, followed by an Iranian missile…

BC: To the Moon!

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Africa’s demand for water is set to rise by 300% by 2040. Plans to tow a giant iceberg could provide a year’s worth of water to Cape Town. Israel goes for desalination. These headlines spell out current concerns over climate change. But by 2007 according to Jim Hansen, who blew the whistle on global warming, world leaders had recognized that were not going to make it here…

The US Presents Yet Another Anti-Chinese Bill


The author was going to address the situation around Taiwan once more after the results of the general election scheduled for January 11, 2020, during which the President, Vice-President and all 113 members of the unicameral parliament will be elected. However, a multitude of events have occurred in quick succession, all in one way or another related to Taiwan…

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