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On the First Ministerial Meeting of IPEF Member Countries


On September 8-9, the first meeting of the trade ministers of the member countries of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity, which is oftentimes abbreviated to, for some reason, only IPEF (rather than, say, IPEFP), was held in Los Angeles. US President Joe Biden announced the very fact of this association being created on May 23 this year in Tokyo…

Asian and NATO Countries Get Actively Engaged in the “Battle for the Arctic”


During the Cold War, Washington and Moscow fought hard for dominance in the Arctic. But then these tensions subsided in the 1990s, a period of “rapprochement between the West and Russia”. The Arctic Council was even created, bringing the states of the region together and allowing them to coordinate…

Joe Biden, the US Military-Industrial Complex, and Arms Supplies to Ukraine and Taiwan


It is an open secret that money plays a decisive role in US presidential election campaigns – all those advertisements and consultancy and PR services have to be paid for. Moreover, as the Democrats’ strategy has made clear, organizing street protests and media and other Information campaigns is an expensive business…

US and the Two-Front War with Russia and China


The total powerlessness of the current US authorities (visible even on the face of their president) striving for a unipolar world, against the background of the ongoing removal of the United States from the “global throne,” is forcing mentally exhausted US strategists to jump into more and more failing adventures. By unleashing a Russophobic sanctions…

Revising the Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


Previously NEO discussed the most notable recent development around Taiwan – the sensational visit by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. To the author’s assessment of this event it can be added that it did not introduce anything fundamentally new into Washington’s position on the Taiwan issue. In the US expert community this position is often…

To Write Off its Debt, the US Stages Wars Everywhere


The global economic crisis that has engulfed various countries due to Washington’s openly voluntarist and Russophobic policies has not only thrown the United States itself into chaos, but has also destroyed the world’s multipolar model, changed the status of many states, and led to an increase in contradictions between states and coalitions. It is becoming increasingly …

US Citizens and Media on Russia’s Actions in Ukraine


Since the beginning of the Russian special operation to denazify Ukraine, this issue has been on the front pages of every media outlet in the world and has been actively discussed. Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have repeatedly told the world community that…

US Encircles China through Provocations


The US has recently carried out a deliberate effort to exert military and political pressure on Beijing, and organize provocations against the PRC from all sides along its national borders, as it is fearful of losing in its standoff with China and being stripped of its leading position in the world. To this end, the US authorities will expand their military and technical…

I Heard a Silly Rumor – This Is the End


The end of civilization as we know it is at hand. Why more experts have not seized on the reality facing us perplexes me. It came to me like a bolt, the reason the current world order is pushing for nuclear confrontation. The answer is right in front of us. Nuclear Winter. I don’t need to rehash the craziness and diabolical machinations that have gone on over the past few…

Is the Ukrainian War on its Own People Now Over?


My former neighbour in the US wrote to me, tongue in cheek, a few days ago. “I was told the Ukrainian civil war is over and Russia won because the Azov Battalion was wiped out. There is a total media blackout in the US, and worse than that – so much disinformation before and how it will be justified in the end. I suppose that now the US has a new problem …this is China…

Watch Closely As the “Big Guy’s” Gang Wrangles the World


The Biden administration has to be the most arrogant and homicidal bunch of useless politicians planet Earth has ever witnessed. They’re also the most corrupt, in my opinion. And I complained about Donald Trump’s few questionable moves. Looking at recent events, I see only the Russian people’s good nature as having rescued us all from annihilation. Now…

US is Actively Trying to Transform Kyrgyzstan into Anti-Russia


The geopolitical confrontation between the collective West, led by the United States, and Russia has noticeably intensified and in recent months, after Moscow launched a special operation to denazify Ukraine, has perhaps reached its peak. This confrontation is especially clearly manifested in the political and trade and economic…

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