USA in the World

COVID the War Crime

As May 2020 comes to an end and Americans demand "freedom" from an ineffective lockdown policy that was enacted with…

In the West – Propaganda, Hysteria and Truly Foul Breath!


If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be laughable: the political brigands in North America and Europe are fuming, spitting and rolling their eyes upwards towards the ceiling. They are pointing fingers in all directions, shouting incoherently “China!”, “Russia!”, “Venezuela and Cuba!”, “Iran!”; “You, You, YOU!”. China and Russia are quietly building a new world, which includes…

US “Woke” Community Wages Pointless War Against Huawei


When the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) withdrew from a Huawei-sponsored Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) webinar – the ethical grounds it allegedly did so on were ill-defined at best. The NABJ seemed to hint it was actually pressure on it from various other groups to cancel the webinar that spurred the decision and not any concerns…

When the Criminal Liars Shout, “Conspiracy Theory!” You Should Stick to the Facts


Do you know who coined the curse, “conspiracy theory” or accusation, “you are conspiracy theorist!” – It was nobody less than the CIA in the 1950s, to silence those who saw through the lie of the Cold War against the Soviet Union. This was a complete lie by US war strategists, to install fear in the population in general and in Europeans…

Why is Trump Drumbeating a ‘New Cold War’ with China?


Whereas Trump’s negative portrayal of China goes back to his 2016 election campaign when he directly called out China, saying “because China’s going bad it’s going to bring us down too”, a number of subsequent US officials documents, policy papers and reviews have left no stone unturned in painting China as a ‘bully’, threatening US interests worldwide. The US…

COVID-19 Unleashed: A New Frontier for the Ruiners of the World


People. Please pay close attention. The problem with the world is not Donald J. Trump. The crises that plague our nations are not caused by puppet leaders. The world suffers because of the psychopaths who stand in the shadows. And, now that COVID-19 has galvanized almost all of Earth’s people, the shadows are being illuminated…

The Warp Speed Push for Coronavirus Vaccines


The US White House has appointed a coronavirus “Vaccine Czar” from Big Pharma to oversee something dubbed Operation Warp Speed. The goal is to create and produce 300 million doses of a new vaccine to supposedly immunize the entire US population by year-end against COVID-19. To be sure that Big Pharma companies give their all to the medical…

Saying Goodbye to the Dollar


The widening gap between the current state of the US economy and the role of the dollar is nearing a tipping point. As America’s economic power relative to that of other countries and regions is shrinking, this means that the dollar will hold less and less of a privileged position. Until recently, the dollar had such an unrivaled dominance that more than 60% of all foreign exchange reserves in central banks…

Pandemic Exposes US as Only Bioweapons Superpower


The pandemic of 2020 has exposed a gangrenous limb, the stench of which has only been hidden through and equally exposes gangrenous strangling of truth. The US military currently runs biological laboratories, some funded through USAID, some tied to universities and other groups, across the US and around the world. These laboratories are funded…

Who is Performing Human Experiments and Why?


Countries all over the world have been fighting the coronavirus pandemic for months now, which is exposing a growing number of problems in their systems and the mistakes made by the current political elites that thousands of people on the planet have already paid for with their lives. And the woes caused by the coronavirus pandemic only continue to multiply…

The COVID-19 Chronicles: USA


The US is claimed to be hardest hit by COVID-19 with, at the time of writing, over 80,000 deaths attributed to the virus. The nation is also suffering from socioeconomic disaster as lockdowns have driven millions of Americans into not only unemployment, but predictable poverty and hunger as a result. The crisis has been pounced upon by special interests to help propel various…

Pentagon’s Silent Killers


In light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, which has caused rapid and substantial harm to many nations and lives of their citizens, analysts are reluctantly starting to look at the possibility that certain countries may resort to the use of biological weapons capable of causing mass deaths. Germ warfare is the use of biological toxins or infectious agents, such as bacteria, viruses…

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