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Trump, Subterfuge and Endgame: Now We Know What He’s Up To!

During The Troubles in Northern Ireland, which were effectively a 30 year civil war, one of the issues which generated…

A New Strategy for China with Biden? Or is it Too Late?


During the Obama era, in which Biden served as Vice President, the US approached China quite differently. Will Biden be able to revert to a softer strategy? Donald Trump’s trade war with China is now being hailed by voices of Neoliberalism as an accomplishment. An editorial in The Economist wrote: “The achievement of the Trump administration…

US is Losing in the Militarily Race against Russia and China


The Trump administration, pursuing its adventurous policy and inciting hostility towards Russia and China, has recently repeatedly tried to demonstrate “intimidation” to Moscow and Beijing. Some times this took the form of a concentration of more and more armed forces near the borders of “two strategic adversaries” declared by Washington. One could also…

Trump is Speeding Up the Creation of an Anti-Iranian Power Bloc


In preparation for Joe Biden administration’s possible arrival entering the White House, Donald Trump took additional steps to complete the creation of a regional power bloc with the leading role of Israel and Saudi Arabia under full US control to complicate Biden’s actions in building a new policy in the Middle East. Undoubtedly, the urgency…

A Grim Outlook on the Future of US-Russia Relations


Much of the world breathed a sigh of relief when Joe Biden won the American presidency from incumbent Donald Trump. But from a realistic standpoint, we must all focus, and try hard to understand what took place in these elections. Here’s some food for thought, and a “not so fast” plea for sanity. When Joe Biden takes office next January, Russia’s President…

Will the US Face Penalties for its War Crimes?


The official statement from Angus Campbell, the Australian Chief of the Defense Force, delivering an apology to the people of Afghanistan for the crimes committed by Australian military personnel in the country’s territory from 2005 to 2016 has been something debated energetically in the past few days in many countries, and is seen as a significant act…

US Walks Away From Another Treaty, Closer to Confrontation with Russia


The US has signaled a desire to withdraw from yet another agreement created specifically to reduce the likelihood of a military confrontation between the US and NATO versus Russia. The US State Department’s own Voice of America in an article titled, “US Officially Withdraws from Open Skies Agreement,” would…

The Murky Foreign Actors Behind US Election Fraud


Amid documented stories of “ordinary” US election fraud for the November 3 Presidential voting, including false ID, dead voters voting and suspicious one-sided mail in votes in key Democrat-run states, more evidence points to the role of highly sophisticated foreign actors, in concert with elements of the US deep state bad actors, making a brazen…

Military’s Agony at the End of the Trump Era


During his presidency, the current boss of the White House has repeatedly, actively tried to play the “war card” to gain support for his policies – and not only from the American military, but also from the nation’s general public subjected to stepped up propaganda from the government and Hollywood about the alleged existence of “super fighters” and “super weapons…

The Secret Agenda of the World Bank and IMF


The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) work hand in glove – smoothly. Not only are they regularly lending huge sums of money to horror regimes around the world, but they blackmail poor nations into accepting draconian conditions imposed by the west. In other words, the WB and the IMF are guilty of the most atrocious human rights abuses…

All Wars Must End!


“All Wars Must End.” That is the message sent to US military forces on November 13 buy the Acting Secretary of Defence, Christopher Miller. This statement of a truism, a noble sentiment if construed as a general statement, and if followed by its corollary, “and no more must begin,” has disturbed both civilian and military circles in the USA and even caused ripples in Russia. Standing on its own…

Another Move of Mike Pompeo in Defense of Terrorists


At the end of October, the Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement (banned in Russia – Ed.) was excluded from the list of terrorist organizations by the US State Department. It bears reminding that the Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a Sufi Uyghur illegal armed group created in 1993, seeks to create an independent Sharia-based state…

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