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Despite the Hype, the US has no Allies against China

Since particularly the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, a sea change in the US policies vis-à-vis China has taken place. Its…

‘Pax’ Americana: Russia and China are not ‘Barbarians’!


A decadent Roman Empire was ultimately brought down by vigorous Germanic tribes, which it viewed as ‘barbarians’. The Pax Americana is being brought down by ancient civilizations that whose commitment to freedom of thought does not lead to freedom to act, whether vis a vis other nations, or individual behavior. Backing up, as presented to the American…

What Weapons are US Biolabs Testing?


The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has shone the spotlight on the research being conducted within the network of US partner biolabs in many countries of the world, and on the fact that it has not been playing an active role in curbing the spread of COVID-19. And yet, the key goal of USA’s Biological Threat Reduction Program is to “counter and reduce the risk of biological…

Will a President Biden Become America’s ‘Putin?’


American elections are demonstrations to the world of how democracy can go bad. It is clear and simple. They are ruled by cash, run by ‘cons’ and exist inside a political system that is the most corrupt on earth. American politics matter to the world because, quite simply, when America catches a cold, the world goes on life support. We are…

United States is Shredding the World to Pieces with its Military Blocs


Since the end of WWII, the United States has initiated scores of armed conflicts and wars, but has still not achieved any final victory. Many experts have noted that the American Army has won several victories in various conflicts, but has not won a single war. Since WWII ended, American presidents have constantly been initiating…

US Rhetoric Reflects a Long Past Era


The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a recent rapid trip to London and Copenhagen followed by the making of a speech in California, all in the same week. His speech in California was billed as “a major policy speech.” To have observed his actions and utterances in this rapid cross-world travel was to hear what could only be described as a throwback…

Operation Legend: America’s Own Putsch


A great many analysts and journalists are dancing around the issue of Donald Trump’s visions of fascist grandeur these days. Americans put in office a greedy and self immersed billionaire to save the nation from a woman of even scarier character. And now the American people are about to come under military rule. The federal crackdown…

US Increases Pressure on China


Despite growing domestic problems of various kinds (or even perhaps mainly because of them), the United States has ramped up the pressure on its key geopolitical opponent, i.e. the People’s Republic of China (PRC). And Washington is not doing this alone but with as many allies willing to support it as possible. The US is also seeking partners who may in the future become closer associates…

Will Trump be a Dead Man Walking before Election Day?


Trump is having a bad week, and he knows it. He grows more dangerous as his polls sink lower, and smart enough to know that only a ‘big event’ could possibly save him. The stakes are way beyond his just losing elections. Prosecutors have been preparing for years to bring cases not only against him, but possibly even his family. He has an Attorney General…

Shifting Business Models of Higher Education


I suspect some colleges and universities will go under in the wake of COVID 19, as they faced with bankruptcy and are having to deal with lower enrollments too.  It might be a good time for military recruiters, at least in the US. The capitalist model is in dire straits, some claim is even falling, especially the business model for higher education. But it is it…

Twitter Bans “QAnon,” But Still Protects the Most Dangerous Disinfo


While there are no doubts that the “QAnon” political movement is a purveyor of repeatedly absurd and unfounded claims, “predictions” so inaccurate and consistently wrong that it is difficult to take any of it seriously, Twitter’s move to across-the-board ban not only accounts associated with the movement but any talk of it citing fears…

Trump and Pompeo Versus the Pagan Wide World


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the perfect instrument of President Donald Trump. Not only is he as arrogant and self-righteous as the beleaguered American leader, but he is also a impolite, nasty Trump clone who possesses zero social grace. Pompeo, like Trump, feels like his role is to insult and beat down the rest of the world to “win” a ridiculous…

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