Ukraine in the world

The War in Ukraine Rapidly Approaches its Denouement

The war in Ukraine is rapidly reaching a crucial point with the Russian forces inexorably drawing ever closer to complete…

Ukraine is a Terrorist Entity like al-Qaeda and ISIS


The current Kiev regime can hardly be called a “state” even with certain reservations. Just like the notorious terrorist groups banned in Russia and in many countries around the world, such as Al-Qaeda or ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The behavior of the Kiev authorities is typically terrorist: terror against civilians, fighting under cover of civilians…

The West’s War in Ukraine is a War against Russia


As recent events surrounding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have shown unambiguously – and quite convincingly – the West’s so-called ‘war effort’ in Ukraine is less about defending Ukraine and more about what some Western pundits call “erasing” Russia as a power capable of wielding influence at the global level. The war, in simple words, is aimed at causing…

The War in Ukraine is Having Major Consequences for the World Economic System


The war in Ukraine is grinding to its inexorable conclusion with a Ukrainian defeat only a matter of time. Yet this truth has not penetrated the mind of Ukraine’s president who recently issued the absurd demand that the Ukrainians would talk peace, but only after the Russians had withdrawn from the Donbass and from…

On Washington’s Request, Ukraine has Now Turned against Turkey as Well


As the Russian proverb says: “You can give the wolf the best food, but he would hanker for the wood.” This folk wisdom has a disapproving, judgmental connotation. The main allegorical meaning is that the true essence will always reveal itself, despite anyone’s best efforts to change it. This is what is happening today in Turkey’s relations…

Fascism: Our Common Enemy


Actions have causes. That is a fundamental point of philosophy and of an understanding of the way the world is. Russia’s actions in Ukraine have causes, which necessitated those actions. Unbiased observers know what those causes are and why Russia’s special military operation was a necessary consequence. Russia laid the causes out clearly and what its actions in response would be…

Nazism, the West, Ukraine


Despite the lessons of World War II, unfortunately the author has to say that the events of the last eight years in and around Ukraine have demonstrated not only the vitality of Nazism, but also the desire of a number of Western leaders to revive it across the board. Since early 1930s, Western ruling circles were investing huge sums to finance Hitler’s regime. It is a well known fact that in 1932 Bank…

What can the Imprisoned Canadian General Tell?


The arrest of Canadian general Trevor John Cadieu on May 1 by Russian troops while trying to escape from Azovstal in Mariupol can serve as a piece of evidence that official evidence of the “collective West” has unleashed a war against Russia in Ukraine. Seven months ago he was considered a prime candidate for the position of the Canadian Army commander…

For Just How Long Can You Poke Russia with a Stick?


“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” – George Orwell For those of you in tune, it must seem obvious that the liberal world order now has the power to change the number of hours in a day. Those of us who have sought to moderate the worldview of Russia, of Vladimir Putin even, are now only muffled annoyances for the “normal people” who…

Why has Turkey Closed its Skies for Russian Aircraft Bound for Syria?


On April 23, during a tour of Latin America, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu announced that his country was closing its airspace to Russian military and civilian flights bound for Syria. But he added that this decision did not mean that Turkey was joining in the anti-Russian sanctions – it was simply…

On the “South Korean Contractors” in Ukraine (and More)


The article about the misadventures of a “YouTube star” seeking to jump on the Ukrainian crisis hype train caused a lot of interest and questions. In particular, whether Lee Geun and his makeup artists bought enough hand cream and whether the rumor launched by another anonymous Telegram channel was true or not that…

Ukraine’s Nazi Legions a Real Threat to America and the World


Self-proclaimed political scientists give us definitions of Naziism. A real definition is quite different and easily discerned as accurate. Naziism: A falsely deemed “political movement” typically organized and controlled by criminal elites. Naziism is based on black propaganda formulas that exploit ethic, racial and class hatreds to weaponize population…

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