Central Asia

Afghanistan Natural Resources Secure Its Developments

Since the dawn of time Afganistan has been considered one of the poorest countries. Perhaps opium poppy and cannabis are…

Iran-Azerbaijan: Conflict or Friendship?

Iranian-Azerbaijani relations have seen hard times in recent years. They were at their worst when Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev declined…

Indirect Action and Soft Power Strategies in Geopolitical Conflicts. (Part 2)

Returning to the use of the Western technologies for “color revolutions” in the post-Soviet space and the Middle East, we…

Russia and Iran: the Importance of Friendly Cooperation

For a variety of objective and subjective reasons, the multi-vectored relations between Russia and Iran have been breaking down in…

Putin’s Visit to Central Asia

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a quick visit to Central Asia. In Astana, he discussed the future of integration with…

The Pressure on Syria Is Growing despite the Agreements between Russia and the United States

On May 27, all of the European Union’s foreign ministers gathered in Brussels, where they decided to lift the embargo…

Possible Scenarios for Afghanistan and Security in Central Asia

Over the 4-5 years that have passed since the United States and NATO announced their decision to withdraw the bulk…

Indirect Action and Soft Power Strategies in Geopolitical Conflicts. (Part 1)

The strategies of indirect action and soft power are currently the most effective means of geopolitical struggle used by the…

Will Kyrgyzstan Support Russia in the Voting for the Right to Host Expo 2020

The World’s Fair, or Expo as it is also known, is not just one of the most prestigious international events,…

A new phase in the Kurdish national democratic movement

В реализации проекта создания «Великого Курдистана», являющегося важнейшей частью американской доктрины «Большого Ближнего Востока» заинтересованы Саудовская Аравия и другие монархии…

The Holocaust and Israel’s Denial of the Armenian Genocide

The Holocaust — Nazi Germany’s mass persecution and extermination of Jews — is an integral part of the political rhetoric…

Afghanistan after 2014. Part 2

The Afghan people’s greatest fear is that after foreign forces withdraw the country will again be plunged into civil war.…

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