Central Asia

Gazprom grows with acquisition of KyrgyzGaz

It took three years of negotiations and one dollar for Kyrgyzstan and Russia to finalise the sale of Kyrgyz gas…

Afghan Elections & the Myth of Progress


Elections held this week in Afghanistan, while highly publicized as a showpiece in NATO’s lengthy intervention, will most likely not only achieve very little, but may be the first in a series of steps the nation undergoes as it slips back into regression and darkness. NATO’s inability to establish security even in Afghanistan’s urban centers…

From Domination to Negotiations: The US Misadventures in Afghanistan

The assumption and the sustainment of the ‘super power’ role by any all means possible has been the most defining feature of the…

The ‘War on Terror’, War Crimes and Violence in Afghanistan

The US led ‘war on terror’ against the so-called ‘global terrorists’, who are simply projected as a vital threat to…

US exit strategy in Afghanistan shadows 1989 Soviet withdrawal

On the twenty fifth anniversary of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban have likened the success of the holy…

Saudi Arabia – USA – Kyrgyzstan and Wahhabism

International terrorism and extremism are exported particularly actively in this era of globalization. Almost all countries, where there is a…

The Myth of ‘Peace and Development’ in Afghanistan

A central element of the US’ Counter-Insurgency Strategy (COIN) against Taliban in Afghanistan was economic development and rehabilitation of the…

Water Conflicts in Central Asia and Russia’s Position

The inter-state disputes over the nature of trans-boundary water resources, which have not ceased for more than 20 years, represent…

Hamid Karzai and the U.S.A.

The closer we come to the presidential elections in Afghanistan, scheduled for April 5 of this year, and the planned…

The US and the Future of Afghanistan: Peace or no Peace?

The political discourse on Afghanistan’s future is somehow not merely about how many military personnel the US would finally decide…

Russia-Tajikistan: Bilateral Cooperation

After supporting Emomali Rahmon on the presidential elections of November 2013, Russia seems to be rather determined to provide economical…

Implications of CIS Free Trade Zone Expansion in Central Asia

The last week of 2013 saw Uzbekistan - the most populous Central Asian nation - become the latest country to…

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