Central Asia

What does Washington want from the Countries of Central Asia?

Due to its location, Central Asia (CA) is an important geopolitical region, particularly in terms of ensuring stability in the…

Preliminary results of Ashraf Ghani’s 100 days in office

According to a survey by private Afghan television station "Tolo", after 100 days as president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani’s rating…

America’s war in Afghanistan is over … or is it?

The United States would have you know that it's war in Afghanistan has finally come to a successful end ……

Afghanistan and the Sad Result of the Western Occupation

The "democratic" Western media, following the order all as one, proclaimed in a loud voice that the military forces of…

Will Turkmenistan Become a Shield in Jihadists’ Way?

After withdrawal of NATO’s forces from Afghanistan increasing radical Islamist activity is expected in that country and in the region…

Washington is Going to Rely on NGOs in Central Asia

The United States and their satellites have been using nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) for the preparation and implementation of “color revolutions”…

The US Led Drug War in Afghanistan Failed

According to the latest reports opium poppy cultivation rates are growing consistently in Afghanistan, over the last year they have…

Russia’s Turn towards Afghanistan

Contrary to popular perceptions about Russia's lack of interest in Afghanistan, she has been gradually and imperceptibly making its headway into…

The Taliban is on the move – Kabul stands in the line of fire

According to troubling reports coming from Afghanistan, the Taliban - an Islamic fundamentalist political movement which rose in reaction to…

Who Will Run Afghanistan?

As we approach the date of withdrawal of the bulk of the troops of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)…

Pakistan, China, Afghanistan: “Triangle of Stability”?

President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai made his first official foreign visit less than a month after his inauguration in late September…

The Pentagon Fights for Public Opinion: The “Afghan Trap” Revisited

A common phrase in the United States these days is “No one cares what I think.” Disappointment in the aftermath…

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