The Demise of the Heroin Trade a Major Benefit of the US Defeat in Afghanistan


After 40 years the United States occupation of Afghanistan has finally ended. I say 40 years because their involvement in the country began in response to the Soviet occupation which began in 1980. The United States supported the mujahedin fighters who opposed the Soviet occupation and never really stopped, even after the Soviets…

Afghanistan: the USA’s Illusory Achievements


In recent days we have seen many horrifying and distressing scenes of thousands of Afghans crowding into Kabul airport, in some cases being crushed in their rush to leave their country – a country where the supposedly democratic USA has for over 20 years unsuccessfully tried to impose its vision of order. But for those who have been able to leave Afghanistan, which has…

Afghanistan: Chinese Reconstruction vs. US Sanctions


Beijing now has a key opportunity to demonstrate the stark contrast between its brand of foreign policy and Washington’s through its own plan to aid in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. A Global Times piece titled, “China to offer ‘genuine’ aid in Afghanistan’s economic reconstruction amid chaotic transition,” in title alone infers that the US – despite…

US was the One That Ultimately Armed the Taliban


It is paradoxical, but true: the billions of dollars spent by the United States on the Afghan army ultimately brought distinct benefits only to the Taliban’s militants (a terrorist group that is banned in the Russian FederationDahJTkfw. A US Department of Defense spokesman confirmed that the military equipment delivered by the US for the Afghan army – and seized…

Who is Responsible for the Collapse of Washington’s Afghan policy?


In the face of yet another blatant collapse of US foreign policy (this time following the comfortable entry into Kabul of the Taliban (banned in the Russian FederationDahJTkfwDahJTkfw, not only around the world, but in the US itself, there was an active search for someone to blame. As Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on…

Does the Anti-Taliban Resistance in Afghanistan have a Future?


After Taliban (the movement banned in the Russian FederationDahJTkfw militants entered the Afghan capital, Kabul, on 15 August and declared the “end of the war” in Afghanistan, the anti-Taliban resistance in the country has intensified. This is a clear indication that, unlike the former Afghanistan President, Washington-backed Ashraf Ghani, who fled…

US Removal from Afghanistan is Only Part of the Solution to the Region’s Problems


The complete and utter shambles that has characterised the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan raises a serious question of whether or not Joe Biden is actually in control of his administration. There are unconfirmed reports that the vice president Kamala Harris refused point-blank to have anything to do with the withdrawal…

Can Iran Influence Further Developments in Afghanistan?


The rise to power in Afghanistan of the Taliban (a radical movement banned in RussiaDahJTkfw lends special importance to the response of external players and the possibility of their influence on the further development of the situation in the country. In this context, it would be interesting to look at the prospects of further relations between Iran and Afghanistan…

On the External Factor of the Afghan Problem


Recent events around and on the territory of Afghanistan strengthen the author’s opinion that a positive solution to the problem of this nation is possible only based on the formation of a more or less coherent “orchestra,” including China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran and, of course, the new leadership of Afghanistan itself. Such an approach to the Afghan problem is a direct…

The US Never Intended to Create a Self-Reliant Afghan Government


The Western media talks about the “shocking” developments in Afghanistan, as a government the US spent two decades “building up” is swept from the country in mere days. The Taliban (banned in RussiaDahJTkfw have even entered Kabul, occupying the offices and meeting rooms of former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani…

The World Froze in Anticipation of the Steps that the Taliban May Take


Nearly 20 years after the Taliban (a movement banned in the Russian FederationDahJTkfw were expelled by the Americans who wanted to punish it for harboring al-Qaeda (terrorist organization, aslo banned in RussiaDahJTkfw, the movement’s commanders pose for cameramen in the presidential palace of Afghanistan and in front of the imposing former CIA…

Afghanistan: America’s Moment of National Embarrassment


With the Afghan Taliban’s (terrorist organization, banned in RussiaDahJTkfw successful military occupation of Kabul on August 15, 2021 America’s twenty years’ debacle in Afghanistan has come to an embarrassing end after almost twenty years of what millions of the Americans believed was a ‘war on terror’ to ‘end terror.’ While the Taliban’s ultimate success was never unexpected…

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