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Afghanistan and regional security in Central Asia

Having an important geostrategic position and being an essential link in the development of cooperation between Central and South Asia as well as in regional security issues, Afghanistan has attracted a lot of attention from its regional neighbors. The Central Asian countries, objectively interested in multifaceted cooperation with all their neighbors, see Afghanistan not only…

Afghanistan: the Sad Outcome of the Bloody US Aggression


Major General Christopher Todd Donahue has marked a place for himself in the history books as the last American soldier to secretly escape from hostile Kabul under the cover of night. It happened on August 15, exactly one year since the “brave yankees” fled Afghanistan after two decades of brutal and bloody occupation, leaving the country devastated…

Is Afghanistan becoming a Base for the Forces Opposing Pakistan?


In recent months, the situation between Pakistan and Afghanistan has increasingly mirrored that of the past few years, when the Afghan Taliban (representatives of the banned group in Russia), fighting against the government in Kabul, used Pakistan as their rear. And this has been evidenced by recent intensified clashes between separate Afghan Taliban…

Is the Taliban Winning the Fight against Drug Trafficking?


The Taliban (an organization banned in Russia), which seized power in Afghanistan a year ago, have pledged a tough fight against drugs, saying the cultivation, transportation and distribution of opium poppies are punishable by death. However, many experts had already raised doubts as to whether the Islamists would succeed in tackling the international…

Why does the Taliban Want to Move the Afghan Capital?


As evidenced by information coming from Afghanistan, the situation and socio-economic position in the country is deteriorating. Every second Afghan resident is now suffering from hunger, and in the near future the food situation in the country may worsen further, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said on May 27 during the fourth…

Why is a New War Coming to Afghanistan?


Afghanistan, every now and then, is hit by a bomb attack. Most of the recent attacks have been claimed by the Islamic State in Khorasan (terrorist organization, banned in Russia). Its ability to orchestrate highly sophisticated attacks shows that the group, contrary to the claims the US military officials made during the US occupation of Afghanistan, has not lost its strength…

US Afghan Military Arsenals are Up for Sale


While the exact number of US weapons, vehicles, aircraft and military equipment seized by the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation) after the US and its allies had fled Afghanistan is unknown, the preliminary value of this lethal commodity is estimated by various experts at around $85 billion. In Kunduz, Afghanistan, regular Taliban military displays…

Afghanistan: Americans Loot Poverty-Stricken Afghans


The tragic events of September 11, 2001 changed our world permanently. Although those who staged those events have not yet been identified, Washington unequivocally declared a “war on terror”, directed at the overthrow of Al Qaeda (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and the Taliban regime (banned in Russia), supported by American…

The Biden Administration Steals Afghanistan’s Money


After keeping it under direct occupation, destroying the country for 20 years – and failing to militarily defeat the Taliban (banned in Russia) – Joe Biden’s executive order to simply seize half of Afghanistan’s little over US$7 billion to use it to pay to the victims of 9/11 is just a mockery of the “values” that the US always claims to hold. With the world’s richest…

Has Elizabeth Truss Decided to Help Washington Enrich itself at the Expense of Afghanistan?


At the end of December 2021, the Biden administration, in another of its now blatantly false propaganda campaigns, tried to convince the world of the supposedly “humane treatment of the people of Afghanistan.” It should be recalled that at the time the matter concerned the delivery of one million doses of coronavirus vaccine…

Why Would Washington Assist the Afghan Taliban?


When the US decided to withdraw its military forces from Afghanistan in mid-2021, Joe Biden assured his Afghan counterpart, Ashraf Ghani, of full US support against the Taliban (banned in Russia) to preserve the so-called “democratic” gains the country made during twenty years of US occupation. Evidence that we have previously examined clearly indicates that the US…

US Exacts Revenge on Afghanistan for its Defiance


Ever since the Taliban (an organization deemed terrorist and banned in Russia) took control of Afghanistan last August amid a shameful and chaotic US withdrawal, the country, ravaged by war and occupation for 20 years, has plunged deeper and deeper into disaster, causing new waves of displacement, further impoverishing it and raising the specter of mass…

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