Afghan Issues in a Transformed World Order


The state and development of the Afghan issue seems to reflect all the flaws of today’s global order, which has also begun to “radically transform.” While the relevance of this kind of change process is more or less obvious, it is not clear where their generalized vector is headed. Furthermore, an important question seems to be whether the process develops “by itself…

Why is the US Hyping Up the Threat of ISIS in Afghanistan?


To justify its interventionist actions in the Middle East, the United States, following the now cliched example, actively uses its alleged commitment to fighting against terrorism, focusing on countering such well-known terrorist formations as Al Qaeda and ISIS (both are banned in Russia). The same goes for the actions of the USA in Afghanistan. However, Washington didn’t take…

Through Whom does Washington Expect to Return to Afghanistan?


Despite the August flight from Afghanistan, Washington does not part with the idea of returning the situation in that country to a channel which would be favorable for it; this time it intends not to use its own forces for this purpose but the capabilities of its “satellites” dissatisfied with the current Afghan authorities. To this end…

IS-K Threat to Afghanistan and the Region


Ever since coming into power after the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban (banned in Russia) has been facing an unprecedented security challenge from the Islamic State in Khorasan (terrorist ogranization, banned in Russia). Ever since August, a series of highly sophisticated attacks in Kabul and other cities have eroded…

Afghanistan Impales the US “On Its Own Stake of Racism”


Around fifty years ago the American singer Lovelace Watkins, who hadn’t made the expected impact in his own country, became a big star in the UK. A big, powerful black man with a booming voice who sang popular romantic songs, his earthy appeal made him very popular with the ladies, and he performed a number of sold out cabaret shows and released several records…

Moscow Takes Initiative in Tackling the Afghan Issue


On October 20, the Russian capital hosted Moscow Format Consultations on Afghanistan, a meeting involving members of the Taliban (banned in RussiaDahJTkfw as well as representatives of China, Pakistan, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The US welcomed the talks, saying though that it would abstain from this meeting…

What Will Taliban Drug Policy Look Like?


In an attempt to showcase humane foundations of its policies with the purpose to convince the international community to promptly recognize new Afghan authorities, the Taliban (banned in RussiaDahJTkfw has been recently showcasing its alleged intentions to join the “merciless fight against drugs.” It is common knowledge that this problem has been plaguing the country…

World Awaits an Increase in the Flow of Afghan Refugees and Inquiry into the Actions of the Western Coalition


According to various international organizations and media reports, the world may soon face many refugees coming from Afghanistan. As stated by UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCRDahJTkfw Filippo Grandi, who visited Afghanistan in September to assess the humanitarian situation…

US Defeated Itself in Afghanistan


The latest testimony of the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark A. Milley has confirmed how the US lost its war in Afghanistan. Notwithstanding the Taliban’s ability to withstand the combined might of the US and NATO forces for two decades, the US, according to Milley, lost the war due mainly to a series of bad decisions made by the Bush, Obama, Trump…

For the Sake of International Recognition, the Taliban is Trying to Change its Image


Although the Taliban (banned in RussiaDahJTkfw is recognized as a terrorist organization in many countries, in the name of international recognition of its power in Afghanistan, it has recently been actively trying to show its departure from jihadist goals. Representatives of the Taliban even addressed the UN Secretary-General with a request…

Who is Responsible for the Escalating Situation between the Taliban and Tajikistan?


In recent days, various media outlets have pointed to a very noticeable aggravation of the situation on the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The border between the two States is more than 1,400 kilometers long. Mutual threats are heard from both sides, and military units are being brought to the border from both sides. According to…

Who Will Get Their Hands on Afghanistan’s Natural Resources?


Numerous studies of Afghanistan’s subsoil have shown that the country is rich in all kinds of natural resources. Still, despite a large number of mineral deposits, the population’s standard of living is low. Washington’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has altered the balance of power in the country. American companies have had their…

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