Southern Asia

On the Opening of the Kartarpur Corridor


An event took place on November 9 this year in a place of great local significance on the Indo-Pakistani border, which could be viewed as the first glimmer of light (albeit still very weak), in what have otherwise been gloomy relations thus far between India and Pakistan. We must remember that both of these states have nuclear…

Results of Elections in Two Indian States


On Sunday, 21 October of this year, Legislative Assembly elections were held in the two Indian states of Maharashtra and Haryana. State Legislative Assemblies are the 2nd most important lawmaking bodies in the country (after the Parliament). The recent elections played a significant role on the internal political…

Xi Jinping’s Visit to Nepal


The most notable recent events influencing the political situation in South Asia were Xi Jinping’s visits to India and Nepal. The Chinese leader visited the countries in the first half of October, during his overseas tour. Previously, NEO has dis- cussed various aspects of the second informal meeting between Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which took place on October 12 in the Indian resort…

BC: Imran Khan and the Silk Road


The election of Imran Khan represents a turnabout in policy in South Asia in ways few expect. Khan will close the door on America’s longtime policy toward the Caspian Basin, a policy of dominance, regime change and military colonization. That policy will die a needed and painful death First of all, where no Pakistani leader ever could before, Khan will…

Imran Khan Visits China and Xi Jinping India


Viewed from the perspective of analyzing the situation in South Asia, two noteworthy events took place in the first half of October of this year. We are referring here to the visit of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan (from 7 to 9 October) to the PRC, and that of China’s leader Xi Jinping to India (from 11 to 12 October). Both of these events…

India is Confused; Where does It Go from Here?


At J. Nehru University, most students know about China and Russia only from the BBC, Reuters and other Western media outlets. Even those individuals who claim they belong to the left are not immune; influenced mainly by the British propaganda. It has been like this for years: usual confusion, all around India: tough nationalistic, even chauvinistic rhetoric…

Bangladeshi Prime Minister’s Visit to India


The 4-day visit to India, which took place at the beginning of October of this year, by Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina and the negotiations with her Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, became noteworthy events in South Asia. The situation in the region, which even earlier had been prone to volatility…

Russia Consolidates its Positions in the Indian Oil and Gas Sectors


Russia is known to be India’s largest defense technology partner. But besides defense, the two states also cooperate in other areas which are no less important, such as oil and gas. India is Asia’s third largest economy and the sixth-largest economy in the world. The country needs…

On Latest Developments after Scrapping Article 370 of India’s Constitution


Consequences of the de facto removal of the essence of Article 370 of India’s Constitution on 5 August are becoming one of the key topics of the Big Game (BG). Something that is no longer merely probable but certain. Hence, variously framed analyses published in the New…

Pakistan-Russia Relations: From Bitter Enemies to Geopolitical Partners


The gradual emergence of the multipolar world changes the international layout in a way that allows international players to maneuver, while compelling them to adjust the undertones of their foreign policies and adapt to the transforming realities. Back during the Cold War years…

India Aims to Play a Leading Role In World Affairs


Political commentators have noted a number of current large-scale trends, which are likely to transform international relations over the coming decades. It is expected that developed countries will see their population decline by up to 25%, and the developing world, the former “third…

Kashmir: A Conflict of Convenience


We have all seen the news from the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir: barbed wire fences across streets, Indian troops patrolling, Pakistani troops threatening. The latest flare up in this never-ending conflict is being blamed on the diplomatic sophistry which made it a disputed territory to begin with: as it has been, so it is now, with all actors…

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