Indian Elections: From Here to Eternity


Elections in India don’t happen in a day. They are rather a month-long affair. The world’s largest democracy, with a 900 million electorate (more than the entire population of Europe) is in the process of electing the 543 members of the 17th Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament)…

The Big Question of Whether Or Not the 14th Dalai Lama Will Reincarnate Is Raised Once Again


In interview on 18 March with the 14th Dalai Lama – the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and most influential Buddhist leader in the world – a correspondent from…

India on the Eve of Parliamentary Elections


March 10 saw the publication of the official schedule for the elections to the lower house of India’s Parliament, which are an extremely important event in the country’s political life. They may well have a determining impact on the ongoing process of redefining the geopolitical status…

Record-breaking Cooperation between Russia and India in Defense Technology


Military and technical cooperation (MTC) between the Russian Federation and the Republic of India is developing at a powerfully rapid pace. Many experts are saying that India’s purchase of a Russian-made S-400 air…

“Kalashnikov” in India: a Success Story of Bilateral Collaboration


A great success has been achieved in one area of cooperation between India and Russia: the military and technical sphere. For quite some time now, the Republic of India has been viewed as a key importer of Russian weapons. In recent years, this special status enjoyed by…

Situation in South Asia after Terrorist Attacks in India and Iran


The terror attack, which occurred on 14 February near the town of Pulwama in the district with the same name of the Jammu and Kashmir state, struck a serious blow to not only any positive (but weak) trends in the relationship between India and Pakistan, but also to the situation…

What the Latest Round of Local Elections in India Showed


On 11 December of this year, five Indian states held assembly elections and their results are certainly noteworthy. Especially in light of the upcoming general elections to the lower house of the Indian Parliament, a key event in the nation’s political life, to be held in spring…

On Quad’s Rapid Progress to Uncertain Future


In 2017, after the Trump administration proposed an “Indo-Pacific strategy”, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (the QUAD) was re-invented as a security mechanism, directed at combating not just ‘natural disasters’ but mainly containing China in the Indo-Pacific region. Ever since…

India Chooses Russia


India is one of Russia’s strategic partners in Asia. For many decades the two countries have shared warm ties and engaged in mutually beneficial cooperation. This is still true today despite certain aspects of foreign policies adopted by two nations, as, for instance, India’s cooperation with the USA and the Russian Federation’s strengthening relations with Pakistan, one…

The Problem of the “Restoration” of the Temple in Ayodhya: Some Political Aspects


Without a little background information, which will be provided below, the above headline may seem rather obscure to most readers of New Eastern Outlook. Let us first look at the “problem”, which, in this case, has deep historical roots…

On Some of the Aftermath of U.S. – India “2+2″ Talks


As September 6, the date of the first ever 2+2 ministerial dialogue between the U.S. and India (with the participation of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense of both countries) slowly recedes into the past, its importance for the overall development of the situation in…

India and the US and their First 2+2 Dialogue Summit


The talks between American and Indian foreign and defense ministers, loosely described as the 2+2 dialogue were held on September 6 in New Delhi. These talks constitute yet another major step in the regional game driven by its two major players. It is only logical to assume that…

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