India Aims to Play a Leading Role In World Affairs


Political commentators have noted a number of current large-scale trends, which are likely to transform international relations over the coming decades. It is expected that developed countries will see their population decline by up to 25%, and the developing world, the former “third…

Kashmir: A Conflict of Convenience


We have all seen the news from the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir: barbed wire fences across streets, Indian troops patrolling, Pakistani troops threatening. The latest flare up in this never-ending conflict is being blamed on the diplomatic sophistry which made it a disputed territory to begin with: as it has been, so it is now, with all actors…

Tensions over Kashmir Issue Continue to Rise


It appears as if the situation developing in the South Asian region has taken on even darker undertones than those described by this author two weeks earlier, i.e. almost immediately after Article 370 of India’s Constitution had been de facto revoked. The Parliament of India…

The Kashmir Issue and the Annulment of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution


Cancellation on August 5 this year of the fundamental provisions of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution became one of the most important recent political events in the Indo-Pacific Region. It de facto means the elimination of the special status of the State of Jammu and Kashmir…

India – One of the Leaders in Space Exploration


India began carrying out space research immediately after gaining full independence from British rule in 1947, and became the seventh country in the world to launch its own satellite – Aryabhata – in 1980, which was launched into orbit with the help of a Soviet space launch vehicle, Kosmos-3M. However, it is worth pointing out…

Mike Pompeo Pays a Visit to India


On May 25-26 this year, the US Secretary of State Michael Richard Pompeo visited India. En route to New Delhi, he briefly stopped in the capital cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan. According to the news media, in the course of the negotiations with the leaders of the KSA and the UAE, the high-ranking US official…

India lands in the Eurasian Camp


The dictum that ‘there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies’ in the global system means, in simple words, that geopolitical alignments are never static or frozen into a permanent state of affairs and that the process of realignment remains ongoing. Nowhere is this shift perhaps more obvious today…

First Foreign Policy Steps Taken by Narendra Modi After Election


The scheduled general election to decide who sits in India’s lower house of parliament (the Lok Sabha) ended on 23 May of this year. The Bharatiya Janata Party (the BJP) and its leader Narendra Modi, who will retain his post as Prime Minister, emerged victorious once again. This time around…

Results of Parliamentary Elections in India and Australia


In the second half of May, in the region of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, two noteworthy events occurred. And they included the Australian federal election (on 18 May) and the end to the one-and-a-half month general election in India (on 23 May). Both countries are important players…

India’s “Perestroika” Times


The word “perestroika” (rejigging) is at the core of a recent story, published by the popular media outlet The Indian Express, on India’s foreign policy strategy in relation to its ties with leading world powers.  In addition, this newspaper article is worthy of note because its…

Indian Elections: From Here to Eternity


Elections in India don’t happen in a day. They are rather a month-long affair. The world’s largest democracy, with a 900 million electorate (more than the entire population of Europe) is in the process of electing the 543 members of the 17th Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament)…

The Big Question of Whether Or Not the 14th Dalai Lama Will Reincarnate Is Raised Once Again


In interview on 18 March with the 14th Dalai Lama – the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and most influential Buddhist leader in the world – a correspondent from…

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