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Pakistan and India: Prospects and Challenges Part 2

Tension and military confrontation on the Line of Control continued through early 2014. Pakistani Generals cited the provocativeness of India's…

Pakistan and India: Prospects and Challenges Part 1

In mid-May 2014, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif congratulated Narendra Modi, one of the leaders of the…

Surrounded Tiger: The Indian Strategic Intelligence Condition


The complexity of India’s foreign policy and domestic power dilemmas has led to many Western states inaccurately judging the country’s approach to intelligence strategy. India’s intelligence challenges break down most effectively into the categories of domestic, regional, global, and emerging: Indian domestic aspects of security: Political fragmentation Domestic…

Lessons Learned From the US-India Row

In December 2013, Indian Foreign Service officer Devyani Khobragade was arrested, strip-searched and detained in the United States while serving…

India And The Crimean Crisis – Old Friends Are Better Than New

The annexation of the Crimea to Russia on 18 March 2014 put India in the grip of a dilemma. On…

India: Grassroots Activism Builds Wall Against Western Imperialism

In the Times of India article, "Farmers’ groups give wish list to parties," it states: More than 100 farmers' organisations…

Abduction of Children in India

The problem of the abduction of children in India, where child labour is widely used and child prostitution is fairly…

India-US Diplomatic Rows: Has the ‘Alliance’ Reached the Breaking Point

A lot is being written about the “long-term” and “short-term” consequences of an otherwise ‘minor’ looking diplomatic incident between the…

India-USA: does “strategic partnership” have a future?

An incident with the arrest of Indian diplomat by the U.S. authorities in New York, which occurred on December 12,…

Arrest of Indian Diplomat Shows America Has Learnt Nothing

Many questions remain over the arrest and ill treatment of Devyani Khobragade, the former Indian vice-council in New York. More…

India -US: The “Maidgate” crisis rages on.

Cross_hall_India_USA (1)
Indian government has recently decided to delay the next round of the bilateral energy talks with the U.S. that was…

India-US: The American Immunity

Relations between India and the U.S. continue deteriorating after the discriminatory actions the U.S. authorities have taken in the regard…

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