On the Visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to India


The visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to India from September 5 to 8 this year represents a notable development in the game being played by both local and global actors in the Indo-Pacific region. The latter undoubtedly already include India. As for Bangladesh, its place in the said game needs some comment. Bangladesh can…

On the 75th Anniversary of the Dissolution of British India


On August 14 and 15, 2022, Pakistan and India celebrated 75 years of independence, which was the result of an Act of the British Parliament passed in the summer of 1947 and approved by King George VI a month before the above dates. This was a practical embodiment of the long-standing (as early as the second half of the 19th century) postulate of …

India’s Fine Balance in the International Arena


India is increasingly making its presence felt in the international political arena. And as India’s influence grows in the current stage of the Great World Game, so the major world powers are competing to bring New Delhi into their own camp. India itself is no passive onlooker in this process – with considerable skill it is managing to play off against each other…

On the Consequences of Yet Another Anti-Islamic Public “Gaffe” in India


Alas, this author was given another topic to discuss in the context of the interconfessional situation in India. A country that is one of the world’s major powers, whose huge population inevitably gives an extremely important foreign policy component to its seemingly purely domestic events. All the more so when…


On India’s Narendra Modi’s European Tour


India is increasingly marking its presence in the group of leading players in the current phase of the Great Game and therefore New Delhi’s most significant acts at the gaming table deserve a more or less regular assessment. Most noteworthy was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Europe from May 1 to 4, during which he held talks with his counterparts…

Boris Johnson’s Visit to India


The visit to India on April 21-22 by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not an ordinary event for either side. As far as India is concerned, the way its leadership has developed relations with each of the leading players in the current phase of the Great Game, one of which is the former metropole, does not contradict New Delhi’s overall (relatively) neutral positioning at the world’s gaming table…

Washington Keeps “Courting” New Delhi


India’s membership in a limited pool of the “Big World Game” major players is one the country’s major distinctive features today. At the same time, New Delhi’s positioning at the global “gaming table” is of critical importance for both of the two leading players, the US and China. It appears quite obvious that it is up to India to resolve the mentioned issue, and India relies…

India is Building Up its Naval Capacities


India is a big country with significant resources and a huge population. It has the third largest economy in Asia and the seventh largest in the world. But its geographical location also presents it with certain problems. Specifically, the Indian peninsula is largely cut off from the rest of the Eurasian landmass. In the west it has borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan. India…

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Visit to India


It is now possible to be cautiously optimistic about relations between China, India and Japan, which may soon be put on a normal, stable footing – an essential prerequisite if we are to see an improvement in the overall situation in the Indo-Pacific region. That is despite the fact that the recent visit by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to India has rather dampened…

On the Visit of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to India and Cambodia


On March 19 – 21, 2022, the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited India and Cambodia. Despite the obvious difference in the “weight classes” of the visited countries, both stages of this trip constitute a single remarkable event at the present stage of the “Big World Game”, which focuses on the confrontation between…

India’s Сalibrated Policy Preserves the Balance and Security in Eurasia


For many decades now, one of the pillars of India’s foreign policy has been its commitment to the Non-Aligned Movement proclaimed in 1961. At that time the US and the USSR were engaged in a Cold War, with both superpowers trying to win over as many allies as possible, and the Non-Aligned Movement gave many countries an…

India’s Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party Strengthens its Positions


The beginning of March in India marked the end of almost a month of continuous voting, including Parliamentary by-elections in five states: Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa. In terms of population, these states rank 1st, 15th, 18th, 24th and 26th respectively out of India’s 28 states and 8 union territories (including the capital city). Uttar…

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