Southern Asia

On India’s Narendra Modi’s European Tour


India is increasingly marking its presence in the group of leading players in the current phase of the Great Game and therefore New Delhi’s most significant acts at the gaming table deserve a more or less regular assessment. Most noteworthy was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Europe from May 1 to 4, during which he held talks with his counterparts…

Boris Johnson’s Visit to India


The visit to India on April 21-22 by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not an ordinary event for either side. As far as India is concerned, the way its leadership has developed relations with each of the leading players in the current phase of the Great Game, one of which is the former metropole, does not contradict New Delhi’s overall (relatively) neutral positioning at the world’s gaming table…

Suicide Bombing in Pakistan is Part of US Proxy War with China


A sucide bomber killed four in southern Pakistan including 3 Chinese teachers and their Pakistani driver on Apirl 26. AP would report in its article, “Suicide blast in southern Pakistan kills 3 Chinese, driver,” that: The Baluchistan Liberation Army, a militant group in nearby Baluchistan province, has targeted Chinese nationals…

Washington Keeps “Courting” New Delhi


India’s membership in a limited pool of the “Big World Game” major players is one the country’s major distinctive features today. At the same time, New Delhi’s positioning at the global “gaming table” is of critical importance for both of the two leading players, the US and China. It appears quite obvious that it is up to India to resolve the mentioned issue, and India relies…

What the Ousting of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Really Means


It would seem that with the passing of a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan by the lower house of Pakistan’s parliament on April 9 this year and the subsequent election of Shehbaz Sharif to the post, the acute political crisis of the previous two weeks, dubbed the “constitutional” crisis, could have been safely resolved. However, it makes sense to refrain…

The Nasty Truth About America’s War on Pakistan’s Free Government


A series of strange facts came together in early April, stunning Washington insiders but totally censored by the press and White House. Arrests of two foreign nationals were made for penetrating the Secret Service details used to protect President Biden, his wife Jill and Vice President Harris.  Agents were “put on leave.” There are…

The Political Crisis in Sri Lanka


The last year has seen the escalation of two processes which are rewriting the global political map, triggering an international crisis which is unfolding and taking in more and more countries as we watch. The two processes behind the crisis may take on very different forms. Ukraine seems destined to become the fuse that could ignite a global fire, risking both its own destruction and that of the “old…

Pakistan is Entering Another Phase of Turbulence


News agencies report about the attempt to dismiss the Lower House of the Parliament of Pakistan, undertaken on April 3 by Prime Minister Imran Khan – an evidence of reaching a qualitatively new level of (another) aggravation of the situation in the country, which has been escalating over the past few weeks. This happened despite the fact that the domestic…

India is Building Up its Naval Capacities


India is a big country with significant resources and a huge population. It has the third largest economy in Asia and the seventh largest in the world. But its geographical location also presents it with certain problems. Specifically, the Indian peninsula is largely cut off from the rest of the Eurasian landmass. In the west it has borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan. India…

Is the US Planning to Assassinate Pakistan’s Imran Khan?


According to a report by Pakistan’s, Pakistan’s Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry has reported on an attempted anti-government conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Imran Khan. A little earlier, one of the leaders of Pakistan’s ruling Justice Movement, Faisal Wawda, had also reported on…

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Visit to India


It is now possible to be cautiously optimistic about relations between China, India and Japan, which may soon be put on a normal, stable footing – an essential prerequisite if we are to see an improvement in the overall situation in the Indo-Pacific region. That is despite the fact that the recent visit by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to India has rather dampened…

On the Visit of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to India and Cambodia


On March 19 – 21, 2022, the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited India and Cambodia. Despite the obvious difference in the “weight classes” of the visited countries, both stages of this trip constitute a single remarkable event at the present stage of the “Big World Game”, which focuses on the confrontation between…

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