Southern Asia

Western “Democrats” Try to Chain Turkey Up


Recent events around the world increasingly confirm the belief that the so-called “American-style democracy” is a bubble, using which Washington, together with its Western allies, is actively trying to move all nations back to a slave system where only it would reign. From this, in fact, stem the armed conflicts unleashed by the West in various regions…

On the Current Situation in Pakistan


The topic of political developments in and around Pakistan (remember, a de facto nuclear power!) was left in a state that can be characterized by a few key points. First, the struggle between the faction led by the Pakistan Muslim League (N), which came to power in April this year, and the sidelined faction led by the Movement for Justice continued. The struggle between…

Pakistan’s Relations with Russia are Progressing Well


Historically, relations between Moscow and Islamabad have been rather complicated. After declaring independence from British India, Pakistan made a geopolitical choice in its early decades, opting for close military-political and economic ties with the US, which largely predetermined the cool relations between the former and the Soviet Union. There were…


On the Visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to India


The visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to India from September 5 to 8 this year represents a notable development in the game being played by both local and global actors in the Indo-Pacific region. The latter undoubtedly already include India. As for Bangladesh, its place in the said game needs some comment. Bangladesh can…

Natural Disaster and Domestic Political Developments in Pakistan


Alas, the everyday wisdom of “misfortunes never coming alone” finds its confirmation in the world of politics as well. The author’s first reaction to news of a natural cataclysm of unprecedented proportions in Pakistan also boiled down to a popular saying, “They could have really done without that.” For Pakistan is on…

On the 75th Anniversary of the Dissolution of British India


On August 14 and 15, 2022, Pakistan and India celebrated 75 years of independence, which was the result of an Act of the British Parliament passed in the summer of 1947 and approved by King George VI a month before the above dates. This was a practical embodiment of the long-standing (as early as the second half of the 19th century) postulate of …

Sri Lanka is a Victim of Global Turbulence


We left the subject of the crisis in Sri Lanka in another state of aggravation when the second of the Rajapaksa brothers (Gotabaya) was still in office. Despite demands from the “street” to step down following his elder brother Mahinda, who resigned as prime minister on May 9. However, in early July, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had to announce his…

Debt Traps & Terrorism: The Roots of Sri Lanka’s Crisis


The island nation of Sri Lanka, located south-southeast of India in the Indian Ocean has suffered economic and now political chaos that has grabbed international headlines. The Western media has floated narratives ranging from “debt trap diplomacy” perpetrated by China and its Belt and Road Initiative to food shortages spurred by Russia’s “blockade” of the Black Sea. None of this is true…

India’s Fine Balance in the International Arena


India is increasingly making its presence felt in the international political arena. And as India’s influence grows in the current stage of the Great World Game, so the major world powers are competing to bring New Delhi into their own camp. India itself is no passive onlooker in this process – with considerable skill it is managing to play off against each other…

Where Next For Pakistan?


Whilst a few other things have been going on in the world, Pakistan has been going through political turmoil which shows little sign of abating soon. This has been little noticed however, because Pakistan has dropped off the radar, and yet more instability there is hardly news. Prime Minister Imran Khan, the playboy sportsman turned statesman who is Pakistan’s equivalent of a “trendy leftie”, has been turfed…

The Current State of Pakistan’s Domestic Political Turbulence


The last time NEO covered the topic of domestic political turbulence in Pakistan, which had aggravated by the spring of this year, there was a situation that began to develop in the first days after the country’s parliament passed a vote of no confidence in the government of Imran Khan and then went on to appoint Shehbaz Sharif, the leader of the opposition bloc…

On the Consequences of Yet Another Anti-Islamic Public “Gaffe” in India


Alas, this author was given another topic to discuss in the context of the interconfessional situation in India. A country that is one of the world’s major powers, whose huge population inevitably gives an extremely important foreign policy component to its seemingly purely domestic events. All the more so when…


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