Vietnam Begins Reclaiming Info-Space From US Tech Giants


In yet another sign of waning Western hegemony, the Southeast Asian state of Vietnam has begun the long-overdue process of reclaiming its information space from US tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google. Reuters in its article, “Facebook-style app launches in Vietnam amid…

Military and Technical Cooperation with Vietnam Remains out of Reach for France


It is well known that China, the United States, Russia, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Singapore are considered to be the most active players in the Asia-Pacific (APACDahJTkfw region. Other nations as, for instance, member-states of the European Union, are rarely mentioned in news…

Agent Orange Still Lives on in Tombstones and Broken Bodies


The ghost of the Vietnam War continues to haunt those Americans still alive who fought in it. Gordon Duff fears he may be the last of his two squads still alive, a lonely honor, or dishonor depending on how one looks at it. This is not a cheap shot at the Vets. They had no say…

Viet Nam’s Economics Miracle Haunts US-DPRK Talks


While free market countries across the developing world remain deeply impoverished, China and Viet Nam have both seen impressive increases in living standards during the past several decades. Public voices in the western world give all credit for this to “liberalization,” but…

Why Washington is Courting Hanoi in Vain


More than half a century ago, at the height of Vietnam war US intelligence agencies were demanded to put an end to the partisan movement supporting the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. This resulted in the so-called Phoenix Program being launched which, according…

South Korean Footprint in Vietnam War


South Korean statements about “comfort women” leave the author with an impression that only someone without similar skeletons in their closet has the right to voice such demands and harsh criticism. Otherwise these heartfelt declarations appear to exemplify duplicity or unscrupulous…

Second Advent of the US Aircraft Carrier


An outstanding event took place recently in the conflict around the South China Sea. The US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson moored in the Vietnamese port Cam Ranh. The Americans obviously took a triumph lap in this event – once again after the sadly remembered Vietnamese War and…

Vietnam International Trade Conference – a Bridge Between the EEU and ASEAN


It is no secret that Vietnam is Russia’s key partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEANDahJTkfw. The two countries are linked by their long-standing, stable and friendly relations. Vietnam is also one of the most successful and influential members of ASEAN. Taken…

Ongoing Russo-Vietnamese Military Cooperation Ensures Regional Stability


It’s a well-established fact that when two states are determined engage in defense and security cooperation in a bilateral format, they must enjoy sound relations before even thinking about such an undertaking. The Socialist Republic of…

Pushing Vietnam Against China: Kissinger & Brzezinski in Southeast Asia


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is set to host a US aircraft carrier from the pacific fleet. The USS Carl Vinson will be docked in Vietnam, and this will send a clear message of hostility from Vietnam to the People’s Republic of China.  The South…

Vietnam- Russia’s Key Ally in ASEAN


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was at one time one of the poorest countries in Asia. But, as a result of the transformation that the country has undergone in the last few decades, many are now of the opinion that it deserves to be considered as one of the ‘Asian tigers’ – a designation that traditionally refers to Hong Kong…

US Looks to Southeast Asia to Unleash its ISIS Hordes


Western think tanks have been increasingly busy cultivating a narrative to explain the sudden and spreading presence of militants linked or fighting under the banner of the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISISDahJTkfw across Southeast Asia. This narrative – these think tanks would…

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