What the Philippines Says Vs. What it Does


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has been identified as a menace to US foreign policy in Asia Pacific by both his supporters and his opponents. For his supporters, he is propped up as a hero of “anti-imperialism,” while his…

Philippine President R. Duterte visits China


The visit of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte to China on October 18-21 this year and his talks with President Xi Jinping are notable from several perspectives. After a convincing victory in the General Election…

Will “They” Really Try to Kill President Duterte?


Rodrigo Duterte, the outspoken President of the Philippines has by now, most likely, joined the concealed, prestigious and permanent hit list of the Empire. The hit list is very long; it has already been long for several decades…

Drugs, Duterte & The Nature of Imperialism


In the United States, the failed government drug policies are a common source of outrage among politically progressive people. The Rockefeller Drug Laws of New York, eventually turned into a national policy with the “War on Drugs” of…

Abu Sayyaf—Most Notorious Militant Group in Philippines


The final days of April broughtshocking news to the world: Filipino terrorist group Abu Sayyaf had executed a Canadian citizen, journalist and former employee of the mining company TVI Pacific, Inc. John Ridsdel. On September 21, 2015, he and…

Elections in the Philippines and the current situation in South-East Asia


In the complex puzzle that is being displayed by the political situation in the sub-region of Southeast Asia (SEA), a totally non-routine event occurred on the 9th of May. On this day, the Philippines held general elections to elect…

Military Drills in the Philippines: Geopolitical Context


The 32nd military American-Philippine drills “Balikatan” (“Shoulder to shoulder”) were held on April 5-15, 2016 in the Philippines. This time 4 thousand American and 5 thousand Philippine soldiers participated in the event. A formal reason for…

A US & Filipino Front Vs. China

The reversal of longstanding policy preventing the US from using Filipino territory for military bases signifies and escalation in tensions…

American and Japanese Military Bases on the Phillipine Soil


After more that two decades of absence of any visible interest towards the strategically critical point of the Pacific Ocean – the Philippines, Washington is doing its best to strengthen its influence over this picturesque archipelago. Even though the United States station thousands of troops stationed in a number of countries…

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