Southeast Asia

New Military Bloc – New Threats to Peace and Security in Asia

In September 2021 it was announced that in the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific regions emerged a new military bloc composed of…

US Weaponizes UN for Regime Change in Myanmar


When the United Nations through its online news portal claims one of its experts sees the situation in Myanmar “failing” and urging measures to save the country from its current, ongoing conflict, many might take it at face value. The article would claim: According to Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews, since its power grab and overthrow of the democratically…

Laos: From Landlocked to High-Speed Rail-Linked


For anyone who travelled through the rugged landlocked Southeast Asian country of Laos years ago, they will remember the twisting mountain roads and the many days by bus it would take to traverse the terrain from China’s border with Laos at Boten to the Laotian capital of Vietniane across the Mekong River from Thailand’s city of Nong Khai. From Kunming to Vientien…

US Sanctions Cambodian Leaders Amid US-China Rivalry


The Southeast Asian country of Cambodia, inhabited by 16 million people, and still recovering from the decades of turmoil that surrounded America’s war with Vietnam, finds itself once again targeted by the US for standing in the way of Washington’s regional ambitions.  At first glance by ordinary readers, the Radio Free Asia (RFA) article, “US Lawmakers Pass Legislation…

Russian-Indonesian Relations Grow Stronger Amid Geopolitical Instability


Indonesia, a country of 270 million people and ASEAN’s largest economy, is actively involved in the affairs of Southeast Asia and seeks to maintain peace, stability and economic development in the region for its own security and to accelerate its economic growth. For its part, the Russian Federation, whose foreign policy objectives…

The IAEA’s “Western Policy” on Iran


The mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in connection with Iran’s nuclear activities is strictly limited to technical issues and highly confidential, however the political exploitation of the issue is carried on by certain Western powers in stark contradiction with the principles of independence, impartiality, and professionalism that…

US-Singapore Relations: Being of Use vs. Being Used


The tiny Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore serves as a sort of bellwether for a multitude of trends from economics to geopolitics. The Singaporean government is able to quickly and flexibly adapt to changing trends, more so than anywhere else, because of its small size – an advantage that Singapore enjoys and which compensates for its many disadvantages…

US Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Singapore and Vietnam


A visit to Singapore and Vietnam on August 22-26 by US Vice President Kamala Harris is further evidence of the growing urgency of the situation in Southeast Asia at the current stage of the “Great World Game”. Even though the Afghan problem remains at the top of the public political agenda, which, in the author’s opinion…

US vs. China: Where does Vietnam Stand?


As tensions continue to mount between Washington and Beijing, examples continue to abound comparing and contrasting the approaches used by both global powers regarding foreign policy. Another recent example on stark display is the US and China’s respective approaches to Vietnam – a nation both countries have had rocky and even hostile…

Mekong-US Partnership: Promoting Poverty, Driving Sinophobic Hostility


It’s no secret that the US is engaged in heated competition with China and openly aspires to “contain” China’s rise as a global power and its otherwise inevitable surpassing of US primacy. It should by now also be no secret that in order to do this, Washington has attempted to recruit China’s neighbours into various united fronts regarding…

The Struggle for Influence in Southeast Asia Continues


In early August, the mutual maneuvering of the world’s leading powers in the Southeast Asian sub-region continues. Their main participants are the United States and China, who are increasingly drawn into a struggle for the minds and hearts of people living in Southeast Asia. For the dominant influence on individual countries and the regional Association…

US Regime Change Creeps Forward in Myanmar


Within a much wider, global campaign to impede the rise of China, the United States has paid particular attention to fuelling unrest in Southeast Asia, sabotaging ties between the region and China – the region’s largest and most important trade partner and investor, as well as a key partner in driving infrastructure and the modernization of regional militaries. Of the nations…

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