Southeast Asia

Russia and Cambodia Continue Talks within the ASEAN Framework


At the beginning of August Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister visited Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. During his official trip to that fairly small Asian state – it has a population of 17.3 million – he met with other foreign ministers as part of the dialog between the Russian Federation and the Association of Southeast Asian…

Nancy Pelosi and Wendy Sherman’s Tour of the Indo-Pacific Region


The latest trip abroad by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the lower house of the US Parliament, was commented on by the world media mainly for its most scandalous part which (expectedly) was a visit to Taiwan by a third person in the US government hierarchy. The author’s view regarding the significance of this part is that the increasing…

Support in Difficult Times: Russia and Myanmar Strengthen Cooperation


The South Asian country Myanmar, which has a population of almost 55 million people, as well as reserves of gas, precious stones and other resources, is quite interesting from the point of view of trade and investment. In addition, it has an important strategic position with access to the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean…

President of Indonesia Widodo Visited China and Japan


The visits of Indonesian President Joko Widodo to China and Japan conducted in a temporary tandem mode at the end of July this year seem to be a single important event that significantly characterizes the situation in the sub-region of Southeast Asia as a whole. At the same time, it should be noted that, in addition to China and Japan, other…

The Philippines after General Elections


On May 9, the Philippines held presidential and vice presidential elections, which were a significant event in the development of the situation in the Indo-Pacific region. The course and results of these elections attracted close attention of such leading regional (and world) players as the United States and China. As one of the main participants…

China, Thailand and Laos: Economic Friendship Growing Stronger


Today, China aims to become a major foreign economic partner for as many countries as possible. It is well known that an efficient logistics system is an important factor for economic growth. This is why China is developing the One Belt, One Road Initiative, as well as many other significant infrastructure projects. On July 5, 2022 in Bangkok…

Myanmar MiG-29 Crosses into Thai Airspace: The Rest of the Story


A recent incident involving a MiG-29 fighter aircraft from Myanmar which flew into Thai airspace triggered political fallout particularly instructive in understanding the current dynamics in both countries as well as across wider Asia. It also gives a glimpse into the dynamics of the ongoing US-Chinese tensions that are the driving force…

US Outlines Continued Primacy Over Asia at 2022 Shangri-La Dialogue


The British International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has hosted the “Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore since 2002. It is billed as “Asia’s premier security summit,” all while being almost entirely Western-centric in agenda and design. To help illustrate this, since the format was created, the first plenary meeting has always been…

Western Foreign Policy Created Ukraine Crisis, is Creating Crisis with China


Two recent events, both overshadowed by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, help illustrate how the same problematic aspects of Western foreign policy driving the Ukrainian conflict are hard at work in provoking conflict with yet another global power, China. Western complaints about an alleged naval base China is accused…

West Decries Philippine’s New Government – US-backed Protests Begin


Recent general elections in The Philippines appear to signal the island nation’s continued but gradual move out from under US subordination and its rise with the rest of Asia as China emerges as both a regional and global superpower. With Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. set to become the next president…

Thailand’s Tourism Industry and Russia’s Vacation Season Amid International Sanctions


The COVID-19 pandemic, which swept the world in 2020, hit all sectors of the economy, but tourism was possibly hit the hardest. Tourism was the first to suffer from quarantine restrictions, as it is directly dependent on the freedom of international communication and yet is not a strategically important industry for most states…

US-ASEAN Summit Leaves Washington Empty-handed


The recently held US-ASEAM summit in Washington was meant to serve what an official of the Biden administration called the need for “step[ing] up our [the US] game in Southeast Asia” against China. The underlying logic of this politics of increasing US strategic engagement with ASEAN is a more strategic realignment of the latter’s foreign policy with Washington…

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