Russia in the World

Vladimir Putin and the West: To Dance or Not to Dance


These are the days of our discontent. At least, this is likely the lament privately voiced by many in the corridors of American and European power. Obama’s recent trip to Europe to shore up greater resolve and commitment for strengthening sanctions and isolating (or is it shaming?) Russia after the Crimea annexation (or is it secession?) was fairly uneventful. The fact…

R2P: The Tables Turn on the West in Crimea

R2P, or the "responsibility to protect," was a geopolitical tool used by the West after thoroughly destabilizing a nation through…

Crimea: What Comes Next?


These are the days of our Spring discontent. It is ironic to consider that as events continue to unfold in Crimea the path that might hold the most hope for future peace and stability is the one that guarantees all sides being at least somewhat disappointed. Allow me to elaborate. Why Ukraine should be disappointed: Crimea is done. As the famous Southern saying in America goes, ‘closing the barn door after the horses have left doesn’t do much good.’ Authorities in Kiev are understandably displeased…

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of “Punishing Russia”

Source: Severin Nowacki
With the referendum on Crimean independence and possible reunification with Russia now taking place, the US and its European allies…

Reuters on Crimea: The Triumph of Hypocrisy


March 16, 2014 marks the day when the people of Crimea go to the voting booths to decide whether they will be part of Ukraine or part of Russia. While the referendum is no doubt important to people living in Crimea, I for one remain highly skeptical that the results will actually be the ultimate arbiter on the territorial decisions made about Crimea. The outside players, namely Ukraine…

Georgian Background to the Western “Invasion” Hysteria

Recalling similar fabrications regarding Georgia's aggression versus Russia and examining existing Russo-Ukrainian strategic relations before Western-backed mobs overthrew the government…

US Attempts to Vilify Russia are Astounding Hypocrisy

In the wake of the West's horrifying handiwork in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, condemnation for Russia's "intervention" falls flat.  For…

Russia, Europe, and the Geopolitics of Energy

From Syria to Sochi, Poland to Pussy Riot, diplomatic and geopolitical conflicts between Russia and the West have come to…

Russia-West propaganda and different solutions to world problems

Vladimir Putin
It is noteworthy that as soon as Russian foreign policy makes some movements, Western media, as a team in unison,…

Dangerous games around the Sochi Olympics

In late January, the Islamist group of Ansar al-Sunna, based in Iraq, assumed the responsibility for the December terrorist attacks…

Sochi Olympics, Bandar bin Sultan and International Terrorism

The closer the date of the grand opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics, the more headache face the countries that…

Boycotting Sochi is lame political subterfuge

Not since the Soviet incursion into Afghanistan in 1979 has there been so much recrimination and fanfare over the holding…

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