Russia in the World

Sino-Russia Energy Deals to Defeat US/NATO Expansionism


While the recent meeting between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi in Beijing may not in itself be an extra-ordinary event, its significance against the backdrop of the on-going tussle between Russia and the US/NATO is quite unmistakable – not only for Russia itself, but for the US/NATO as well. Even though Russia does not really need China’s help to defend…

Kalashnikov Helps Boost Russia’s Prestige on the International Stage


Internationally, Russia has traditionally been seen as one of the leading suppliers of technology, especially in such areas as the arms and military hardware markets. Many countries, all over the world, purchase Russian-made military equipment, including anti-aircraft missile systems, fighter jets battleships, etc. But, globally…

Do the Russians Want War?


“Do the Russians want war?” This is the type of headlines in Middle Eastern media reports on the recent Western-led information campaign dealing with the alleged military threat posed by Russia. The mosaic of approaches and opinions is wide-ranging. Some commentators take a light-hearted view of the events and adopt theses of Western propagandists, muddled with false assertions…

Can the World Handle the Truth about the West-East Crisis?


The Biden Administration needs Russia to invade Ukraine. The US shale oil business needs Russia’s gas, to remain in Russia. The world may be at war soon, but not over the rights, wants, and wishes of the people of Eastern Europe or Central Asia. The controlling elites of the west are the ones gamling with lives, not Vladimir Putin and the Russians. In October of 2015…

Sino-Russian Military Cooperation as a Security Guarantee


Russia and China are two powerful countries, and their relations are essential for the entire world. Despite some hiccups and incidents between the two powers that took place in the second half of the 20th century, Russia and China have been engaged in close and fruitful cooperation in various fields, including defense…

Peace In Our Time, Or War?


“When whole communities go to war-whole peoples, and especially civilised peoples-the reason always lies in some political situation, and the occasion is always due to some political object. War, therefore is an act of policy…The political object is the goal, war is the means of reaching it, and means can never be considered in isolation from their purpose.” So wrote Clausewitz many years ago, and so he would…

Nuclear Power Causing Disagreements in the EU


Amid the world’s forced turn toward nuclear power and energy crisis, Europe had given serious thought to nuclear power’s future on the continent. Currently, 31 countries operate nuclear power plants. The peak in nuclear power generation was recorded in 2006 (2,660 TWh), but overall, the share of nuclear power in global electrical power generation decreased…

China and Russia Lead the Way in a New World Order


These days Russia sits down with the United States, and NATO, to discuss Moscow’s demands (they go beyond proposals) for in effect a new world order in Eastern Europe. The Russian plan envisages a greatly reduced role for NATO on and around its borders. The United States has not yet made any specific proposals in advance of the meeting, although…

Russia’s Alternative to the Suez Canal is Getting More Reliable and Cost-effective


At the end of December, the Turkish authorities were forced to suspend maritime traffic through the Bosporus Strait for a day after the BARLAS, a 70-meter-long (230-foot-long) dry cargo vessel under the Panama flag ran aground after engine failure. The maritime traffic in this vital sea route was restored on December 29. This is the second incident…

Russia and Egypt Strive to Ensure Food Security in Africa


Despite modern agro-industrial technologies, the trend towards food shortages continues. This, in particular, is evidenced by the information published by the UN that up to 820 million people are starving in the world, which is about 10% of the world population.  There are more malnourished and hungry people around the world today than ever before, despite…

Putin’s Best Policy is to Simply Wait


Russia has recently set out its list of demands for a resetting of the position of the United States in Europe. The Americans have reacted cautiously, promising to give the Russians an answer “shortly”. It would be unwise to hold one’s breath awaiting a positive response from the Americans. Even in the highly unlikely event they respond positively…

The Geopolitics Surrounding Nord Stream 2


Multiple US interests continue to hinder the completion of Nord Stream 2 project and its uninterrupted supply of gas to Germany/Europe. For the US, Nord Stream project is, to a great extent, a tool to privatise European gas-markets for US gas supplies. While the Joe Biden administration was quick to waive sanctions on the project that…

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