Russia in the World

Putin, On Historical Revisionism And Its Dangers


Erasmus wrote in his famous work, In Praise of Folly, that ‘man’s mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth’. He could have added that telling falsehoods is the habitual practice of cowards afraid of the power of truth; for such is the state of the world that telling people lies about the world and history to maintain…

The Soviet Victory over Nazism 75 Years Ago, and COVID-19


How could the Great Patriotic War in which the Soviet people (including many members of my own family) lost at least 25 million lives, have anything in common with the latest outbreak of the novel coronavirus? You think this is an absolutely insane question? However, before you dismiss it, think twice. There are similarities how they are being portrayed…

May 9th and the Most Inconvenient Truth of World War 2


Some days I wonder why Russia tries so hard. The hatred and lies slung at them from western leaders, lecturers, and business tycoons is a horrid reality. Take the May 9th Victory Day celebrations, as an example. No one casts even a sloppy salute toward heroes who saved the world from dastardly tyranny 75 years ago…

Happy Victory Day!

Dear readers and authors, We want to full-heartedly congratulate you on the 75th anniversary of the great victory of the…

Did Vladimir Putin Just Create a Different World Order?


One can only imagine how much the Kremlin enjoyed a print of a Radio Free Liberty/Radio Free Europe article headed “Oil War And Peace: A Russian-Saudi Standoff Is Over — At What Cost To The Kremlin?” Yet, nobody in the business of geopolitics knows RFE/RL stories are a two-way mirror that reflects the truth from the biggest lie while offering…

America is Thinking “BIG” With the Help of Putin


US President Donald Trump says he had a “BIG” talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman over oil production. According to the news, a deal was reached where Russia and the Saudis would cut back production by 10 million bpd from global supply beginning in May. If the deal pans out, Vladimir Putin will have thrown a lifeline…

The Saudi Door to a Multi-Polar World


The recent agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia to cut oil production is reported by the US media only as it affects American shale production and the price of various grades of oil on the global market, overlooking an important signal: When the country that for nearly a century has been the principle source of US oil investments joins….

As Russia Sends Aid, US and NATO Sneer and Smear


When Russian military planes and trucks arrived in Italy to provide relief for communities hit by the Covid-19 outbreak, the Italian government, elected into power by the Italian people, was thankful for the assistance offered by Moscow. Named officials within the Italian government, including the foreign minister, the minister of defense and the governor of Apulia…

“The Russians are Coming”


“The Russians are coming”, a phrase allegedly uttered by US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal while suffering from mental illness in 1949, is still in use today by certain media outlets (at the behest of, as conspiracy theorists would say, American and British intelligence agencies). And recently, this “prophecy” has indeed come to pass. The author believes that demand for underground bunkers…

How can Russia, China, and the United States Change the World?


There are some serious changes taking place in the international order that has prevailed since the end of World War Two. After what has been almost three decades of Washington openly expressing its desire to establish a world order with a clear-cut US hegemony to serve its own interests, the policies of Russia and China have recently been…

Riyadh’s “Oil War” on Russia has some Global Objectives


The on-going Saudi ‘oil war’ with Russia has its roots in the logic of increasingly using natural resources for geo-political and geo-economic purposes. While this is not something entirely new, the latest push comes against the backdrop of increasing competition between the US and Russia for global leadership roles and the former’s attempts at forcing the latter out…

WaPo Admits Crimeans Are Happy Russians


The Washington Post – an inveterate keystone of US foreign policy propaganda – made a surprising admission recently. The people of Crimea – allegedly “annexed” by the Russian Federation – are vastly satisfied under Moscow’s governance. The Washington Post article titled, “Six years and $20 billion in Russian investment later, Crimeans are happy with…

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