Russia in the World

An Answer to US Biolabs and American Secret Military Programs


The unchecked expansion of the US secretive military biolabs network along the Russian borders is a matter of concern not only to Moscow but also to many post-Soviet republics and the international community.  To this date, the United States has created an actual spider web of secret biolabs around the world. Since 1997…

Russia Strategy: In Order to Exist, Not to Prevail


The caption under a photograph of a familiar public figure on a boat somewhere reads, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the modernization of Russia’s navy.” In my ever more cynical geopolicy brain I hear echoing, “Good God people, stop him before he manages to do his job!” I mean, just what the hell else should Russia’s president be doing in the face of a trillion…

The Climate is Becoming Increasingly Hostile


In recent months, reports from various media on the manifestation of climate change in the world have become more like combat reports. Forest fires happen every year, but experts believe it is now more intense, more frequent, and on a larger scale. Not only the Mediterranean is on fire: raging flames are destroying vast areas worldwide, from Russia…

A Strengthening Brotherhood between the Armies of China and Russia


In the northern regions of China, the joint military exercises of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Armed Forces called West Interaction-2021 has started. About 13,000 servicemen and more than 400 pieces of military equipment are involved. The peculiarity of these…

Can Russia Feed China?


At the beginning of 2021 the Chinese Embassy in Russia conducted a survey to determine which Russia-made goods are most in demand among those Chinese citizens living in or traveling in Russia. It turned out that the Chinese were most fond of Russian honey, milk and chocolate. Many of the respondents said that they would like to see more Russian products on shop shelves in China. Most of those surveyed…

The “Silk Road Rally”: Sports Unite Eurasia


Any large-scale cultural or athletic event represents an opportunity for the countries participating in it to make a name for themselves, to showcase their achievements, and to attract various partners. On top of that, international festivities and competitions show the state of relations between the states that participate, and contribute to fostering these relations…

Russia is Actively Working on an Alternative to the Suez Canal


For economic success, as we know, it is not enough to produce goods. It also needs to be delivered to the buyer. That’s why transportation routes are becoming more and more critical every day. And why, along with the use of already well-known transport routes, China, for example, is creating its own New Silk Road, building an alternative to the Panama Canal in Nicaragua…

Nord Stream 2 Signals American Decline in Europe


The US ‘decision’ to not stand in the way of Nord Stream 2 is hardly a surprise. While the US officials made their decision to look like a diplomatic victory for them when they said that the US “will not tolerate Russia using energy as a geopolitical weapon in Europe or escalating its aggression against Ukraine”, it remains that the US did not have any leverage to force…

Recent Geopolitical Developments Point to a Better Future


During her recent visit to Washington, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was at pains to convince her United States host President Joe Biden that Germany was determined to finish the Nord Stream 2 project with Russia. The scheme is seen by the Germans as vital to Germany’s future economic well-being. It was…

A Strategic Rapprochement between Beijing and Moscow Accelerates


Twenty years ago, President Vladimir Putin and Chairman Jiang Zemin signed one of the most important international agreements in the post-Soviet history of Russia – the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. The concept of a traditional lasting…

The One Thing West and East Agree On May Save Us All


The very positive development of a new US/Russia cooperation to address climate change has Washington think tanks stewing in their Russophobic juices. In the coming weeks, it’s possible we will see renewed collaboration between Washington and Moscow, but not for the brilliant detente. Instead, a world in an unprecedented emergency forces the most prominent…

Bonzai! Spetsnaz Commandos Headed to Waikiki!


Russia’s Vladimir Putin is now planning a surprise attack on the Hawaiian Islands! After being implicated in crimes from the assassination of J.F.K. to using nerve agents on Willy Wonka, this latest news comes as no surprise. Now Japan is warning the west Russia and China are out to conquer the land of pineapple plantations and hula dancing. You know…

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