Russia in the World

Why Russians Just Can’t Figure Things Out


2020 may end up being the year history puts down as a time when logic totally escaped Earth’s atmosphere. Just one look at news headlines from anywhere on the globe tells us we live on a lunatic planet. In America, half the people want a fascist who seems to hate everybody as president, while the other half picked a happy war monger puppet every sane…

Russia Takes Charge in the Caucasus


The Russia brokered Nagorno-Karabakh peace agreement, which heavily borrows from Iran’s proposed strategy of looking for a solution by looking inside the region, has put Russia in the centre stage in the Caucasus. This has happened at a time when the US politics is in complete disarray and distracted, and when Joe Biden is about to take office and will…

Russian S-400 Anti-aircraft Systems Turning Heads


Turkey’s acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense systems attracted the attention of not only the United States and NATO countries. In fact, the entire world is closely following the ongoing year-long confrontation between Washington and Ankara over this arms deal, in which the United States is strenuously trying to involve not only its NATO allies, but strengthen…

Recent Speeches by Putin, Lavrov and Xi Signal Fundamental Changes in the Pipeline


Three recent speeches and interviews given by major politicians have sharpened the political debate now raging in the Western media. Ironically, none of the three speeches received significant coverage in the Western media. Ironically, despite the lack of Western media coverage, all three…

RAND and the Malevolent Encirclement of Russia


Over recent weeks a series of events in the states surrounding the Russian Federation has erupted that certainly are not being greeted with joy in the Kremlin. Each crisis center of itself is not a definitive game-changer for future Russian security. Taken together they suggest something far more ominous is unfolding against Moscow. A recent RAND study prepared for the US Army…

Shifting “Molecules” of Nord Stream 2 & “Why Now?”


The US is heating up so many irons in so many different fires: new sanctions on Iran, (old one reintroduced) new allegations and arm twisting with China over COVID 19 and Chinese tech companies, and now threats of sanctions against German companies which work together with the Russians in the Nord Stream 2 underwater gas pipeline project. Despite…

Western Metrics No Longer Matter for Russians


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was in meetings recently with the Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Workneh Gebeyehu. In a followup to the Russia-Africa summit held back in October 2019 in Sochi, the two discussed the decisions of the first Russia-Africa summit, with an added focus on expanded…

Is Russia Preparing for ‘First Strike’ from ‘Best Friend Trump’?


Donald Trump has announced he will contest the presidential election if he loses, a bizarre statement from someone who may well have taken on a “life’s work” few might guess. Trump, the virtual “stepchild” of “Red Baiter” Roy Cohn, a man whose hatred of Russia was notorious, may well not be the friend of Russia that so many in the Pentagon…

Navalny Sacrificed as Part of a Wider Geopolitical Battle


Few stories in recent years more clearly illustrate the sorry decline in western media standards than the coverage currently being given to the illness of Russian dissident politician Alexei Navalny. Mr Navalny is at most a minor irritant to the ruling Russian politicians. At the last election he polled less than 2% of the popular vote. In most western countries such a poll rating…

Russia-China Switch to Counter US-Indo-Pacific-Strategy Mode


Big power rivalry is often characterized by alliances and counter-alliances, involving smaller countries on both sides of the rivalry. Big powers thus tend to engage in a race for winning more and more allies to their side. This is precisely what is happening in the Asia-Pacific region where the US’ so-called “Indo-Pacific Strategy” has triggered forces of alliances…

It Seems Russia is Rigging America’s Election, but is it True?


Efforts to make it appear like Russia is rigging this year’s presidential election are a danger to the world, a message we are hearing from security insiders. The Russian government denies involvement, and, to the outside world, the Russian government is Putin and Lavrov, certainly people no one can accuse of being fools. Yet…

Russia – Nord Stream 2 vs. Poisoning of Alexei Navalny


Wednesday, 2 August – all German TV channels – mainstream media were focused unilaterally on the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition critique, Alexei Navalny. Two weeks after he has been flown from Tomsk in Siberia to Moscow, when he fell ill on the plane and the airliner had to make an emergency landing in Omsk. Navalny was hospitalized in Omsk…

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