Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China


In early 2014 Washington staged a blatant coup d’etat in Ukraine breaking the historic relationship with Russia and setting the stage for the subsequent NATO demonization of Russia. The one in charge for the Obama Administration of the Ukraine coup was then-Vice President Joe Biden. Today a bizarre Democrat…

West Seeks Control Over Asian Rivers


At first glance the human rights and environmental issues surrounding a proposed dam seem like serious objections to their construction. In some cases they may be. In other cases – these concerns are manufactured, promoted, and cynically exploited by foreign special interests who seek to impede dam construction and likewise impede the march forward…

North Korea (DPRK) is Upgrading its "Super-Large Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL)"


On November 28, 2019, North Korea conducted a “thirteenth, anniversary, missile launch”: a major multiple rocket launchers (MRL) weapons test, when two large-caliber short-range projectiles were launched from its South Hamgyong province into the Sea of Japan. Yonhap News Agency later clarified…

How the US is Locking Horns with Russia in Libya


In a rather gate-crashing mode, the US is positioning itself in Libya in a way that will become yet another Syria as far as the end-game of this war-torn, NATO-destroyed and ‘humanitarianly-intervened’ country is concerned. For some time now, the Russians have been increasing their presence in Libya, supporting Libyan…

NATO is “Brain Dead”


NATO’s 70th Birthday Party, in London – the Birthday of a brain-dead child! What a feat! The two-day London NATO conference just ended – and calling it a NATO “crisis” is not exaggerated. The crisis is such that President Trump canceled the Press Conference at the end of the summit, officially saying that there was enough press briefing during the conference, but rather more honestly hinting…

Elections in Hong Kong


The Hong Kong District Council elections were held on 24 November 2019 for all of its 18 District Councils. Various political parties, described as pan-democratic in Beijing and pro-democratic by the Western media outlets, swept to an overwhelming victory after winning 85 % of the votes (cast by the electorate who came…

Russia Infrastructure Projects – A Year-End Review


It has been a rollercoaster year of US trade wars, the JCPOA dying a slow death, and the world economy sinking toward recession. The good news is my fear of a major war tipping world GNP into a deep recession did not materialize, despite triggers such as the Iranian downing of a US drone incursion. More recently we had the cruise missile and drone…

Seoul Chooses to Avoid Confrontation Over GSOMIA


On 23 November 2019, the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) between Japan and South Korea was due to expire, and right up until the last moment it was not clear whether Seoul would succumb to US pressure. The United States views the GSOMIA as part of its strategy aimed at consolidating the trilateral security alliance…

Asia Unites Against US Coup Attempt


The nations of Southeast Asia have united in efforts to prevent a US-backed coup aimed at fellow-Southeast Asian state Cambodia. Through a combination of travel bans and detentions across the region in late October and early November, Southeast Asia may have thwarted attempts by Washington-backed opposition front, the Cambodia National Rescue…


Ayatollah Sistani Defies Iran to Promote Self-Governance in Iraq


Hailed a liberator and a savior against ISIS after it dedicated its men, military expertise and efforts in neighbouring Iraq, Iran has now become the subject of Iraqis’ ire over its perceived political and ideological patronage, as well as the perceived arrogance with which Tehran has looked upon protesters, advocating violence to quell…

Confronting Changing Geopolitical Realities


In the Australian media they have in recent weeks being waging an information war against China. One recent illustration of this was the publicity given to a Chinese defector. He was presented in the media as a former senior official in China’s spy agency who had carried out a number of activities in East Asia on behalf of China. That he was only…

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