Saudi Arabia brings Captagon to Yemen – Looks to Bring New Plague to the Nation


Just as Saudi Arabia has hardened its tone towards Lebanon over the smuggling into its territories of the drug Captagon – ISIS and other radical groups’ drug of choice as it is said to instill courage to its practitioners, Yemen could soon be flooded with the product, yet another plague the war-torn nation will have to weather. Earlier this…

Power Dynamics Shift in Yemen as Battle for Mareb Hits Up


With Yemen well within its seventh year of a conflict that has all but ravaged the country, power dynamics seem to have shifted rather dramatically – interestingly enough not in favour of either engaged parties. If anything Yemen seems to have fallen prey to political entropy whereby players have all but ensured their mutual destruction, without any room…

Yemen on the Brink of Disaster, Poverty, and Extinction


UNICEF Spokesperson James Elder has just returned from Yemen with some tragic news about children living in what the United Nations calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Speaking at a press briefing in Geneva, he said: “The Yemen conflict has just hit another shameful milestone: 10,000 children have been killed or maimed since Saudi Arabia’s bombing…

Is the Devastating Six Year-long War in Yemen Likely to End?


The war in Yemen, now in its sixth year, remains an important element of the broader Middle East conflict, in particular the confrontation between Iran with the Shiite “Axis of Resistance” and the Saudi coalition, which is indirectly supported by the United States and Israel. This conflict has already created the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. According to the UN…

Yemen is Trapped as the US and Saudi Aggression Carried On


The serious, or rather the deplorable, situation in Yemen – something that nobody knows how and when it is possible to change, and bring the country to a normal state of affairs – continues to profoundly disturb the entire world community. In this regard, the question arises: how did this country, located on the outskirts of the Arabian Peninsula, become plunged for many…

Yemen’s War Against Women – Oppression Takes On Radical Undertones


Note to readers: I have included in this article comments I have collected from women over the past few months as part of a research paper I’m conducting on Yemen as well as already published quotes from reputable rights organisation so that victims could be given a voice and their trauma told in their own words. If women…

Brokering Peace in Yemen – Fight for Marib will Dictate Nation’s Future


Yemen’s oil rich province of Marib is once again centre stage to a raging battle for control, pitting Yemen’s internationally recognised government (backed by the Saudi war coalition and its local alliesDahJTkfw to Ansarallah (aka the HouthisDahJTkfw, a movement born in the Highlands of the northern province of Sa’ada that operates under…

Long-suffering Yemen: Where is the Way Out?


Yemen is currently experiencing an externally imposed civil war and is facing starvation, poverty, various disasters, and the dreaded COVID-19 epidemic. For years, the Saudi-led coalition, with strong US support, has been waging war against Yemen to impose its policies and bring its proxies to power. As the world’s media have repeatedly reported, airstrikes have primarily…

Yemen on the Brink of Disaster


US President Joe Biden has lifted a series of sanctions against the Yemen Ansar Allah (HouthisDahJTkfw movement, which was listed as a terrorist organization by the former Donald Trump administration.   The US Treasury recalled that former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on January 11 that the Houthis had been designated as a terrorist organization and that the three leaders…

Yemen’s Peacebuilding Process Calls for Strong Governance and Gender Equality


As of March 25th 2021 Yemen will have been at war for six full years, caught in the grip of a conflict which has proven as cruel as it has been relentless in its disappearing of Yemen’s socio-political fabric and its once burgeoning democratic tradition. If Yemen’s conflict screams of covert colonialism and a desire to control one of Arabia…

Washington’s Game of Chess in the Middle East and How It Will Play Out


Although the legacy of foreign policy has not been easy for Biden, there is no doubt that the problems of the Middle East, one way or another, will remain at the top of his agenda, and there’s many reasons for that. First of all, it is a very strategically advantageous region for manipulating the whole world through energy prices…

What Does The Future Hold For a Suffering Yemen?


On November 30, both sides of the Yemeni front line marked the 53rd anniversary of the end of British occupation and Yemen’s complete independence from Britain. However, it should be noted that true sovereignty of the Yemenis is not the reality of this African country. The poorest people in the Middle East continue to suffer from foreign interference…

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