Turkey Creates its Version of NATO?


In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, some politicians have been infected today by another pandemic – the “NATO” one. Having encapsulated a significant number of countries in coalitions created against its opponents, the United States, in the heat of a militant pandemic, tried in recent years to first create the so-called “Arabic NATO”, and then…

Will The Turkish Economy Kill Erdogan’s New Ottoman Empire?


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkey in the past two years has engaged in a remarkable series of active geopolitical foreign interventions from Syria to Libya to Cyprus and most recently on the side of Azerbaijan in the territory conflict with Armenia over the status of Nagorno-Karabakh. Some have called it Erdogan…

International Reaction to Turkey’s Aggressive Foreign Policy Approach


According to numerous observers, the “aggressive approach” the Turkish leader R. Erdogan implies in Turkey’s foreign policy every day evokes more and more hostility and opposition across the world. It is through the fault of Ankara that many of the faded conflicts have flared up with renewed vigor lately. Thus, in the Eastern Mediterranean…

Relations between Paris and Ankara are Deteriorating Rapidly


Relations between Turkey and France, formally NATO allies, have recently deteriorated sharply against the backdrop of contention over Syria, Libya, the Turkish-Greek dispute in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the events occurring in Nagorno-Karabakh. Without any doubt, the impetus for this was the operation…

Europe is Balancing on Turkish Scales.


Due to the increased activity in the Eastern Mediterranean, Transcaucasia, and the Black Sea basin of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey, and the apparent reduction of Europe’s role in the Middle East, the balance of EU policy in relations with Turkey has increasingly shifted from attempts to influence Ankara to timid opposition to the current…

Strengthening Ties Between Turkey and Qatar Cause Unrest in the Region


In addition to the United States and Qatar’s active development of relations and cooperation, observers’ attention is drawn to the growing ties between Qatar and Turkey, which are perceived ambiguously in the region. Today, Turkey and Qatar are militarily, intellectually and ideologically intertwined. A security cooperation agreement signed…

The Confrontation in the Eastern Mediterranean is Not Subsiding


The standoff taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean, despite attempts on the part of the international community to reduce its intensity, is unfortunately not calming down. In the beginning, in September, the first preconditions arose for Ankara to tone down its demonstration of intransigence in its efforts to gain access…

Turkey: Erdogan Continues to Pursue an Old, Failed Course


Turkey’s great, imperial past, and the ideas associated with neo-Ottomanism, are quite popular and widespread in various strata of Turkish society. This all forces its political elites, and the country’s leadership, to proceed from the point of this sociopolitical dream, and act more decisively to try to revive this project of neo-imperialism. This course, as politicians see…

Anti-Turkish Sentiment is Mushrooming


Recently, the activities performed by Turkish President Erdogan and his outspoken “neo-Ottoman” policy have been eliciting increasing concern not only in the Middle East, but also in the United States, Europe, and among NATO allies. The European “partners” are particularly apprehensive about Ankara’s actions and military provocations…

Confrontation In Eastern Mediterranean Not Letting Up


For several months now, information on the events taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean continues to persistently occupy a prominent position in the newscasts. Despite the measures taken by the international community, tension among Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and NATO continues to revolve around this region. Different media outlets…

Erdogan Brings his ‘Ottoman Ambitions’ to the Middle East


When Turkey’s Erdogan recently hosted Hamas leaders, including the US-designated ‘terrorist’ and ‘wanted’ leaders of the Palestinian resistance, it did not ring bells in Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi or Riyadh. On the contrary, Erdogan’s meeting illustrated how Turkey is planning to respond to the new regional configuration which puts Israel at the heart…

Crisis in Eastern Mediterranean Deepens


Despite attempts made by the international community to de-escalate the ongoing confrontation in the Eastern Mediterranean, the crisis in the region continues to intensify. In response to a “seismic survey” being conducted by Turkey’s Oruc Reis research vessel in a region also claimed by Greece, and to satisfy demands made by Athens and Cyprus, the European…

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