Why Turkey Can’t Lobby its Way to Normalisation with the US


Whereas Turkey-US ties have become strained over the past few years and a strategic divorce is no longer completely unrealistic, Turkey’s foreign policy continues to revolve around the question of striking a balance between the West and the East. While its geographic location on the borders of Asia and Europe appears to largely shape…

US-Turkish Relations To Hit an All-Time Low?


Although Turkey remains economically, politically and militarily dependent on the United States and NATO, the strategic plans of the two countries have increasingly clashed in recent years, and the conflict has spiraled from incident to incident, increasingly turning Ankara from an ally to a rival of Washington. In doing so, each side seeks to accuse the other…

The Price of Friendship with Washington


O mon dieu, délivrez-moi de mes amis!” (“May God defend me from my friends: I can defend myself from my enemies” – fr.) Some historians attribute this catchphrase to Napoleon Bonaparte, others to King Louis XIV, although it is not that important, because, after all, what friends can royalty have? The Kurds have used this phrase more than once recently in…

Erdogan Strengthens his Military Block


According to estimates of Turkish and foreign analysts, the foreign policy situation in Turkey this year promises to be difficult, not only because of the new hypothetical challenges possed by the new US President Joe Biden to the Turkish leadership, but also the legacy of previous problems in the Eastern Mediterranean, in Libya and in relations with the EU…

Turkey Preparing for a Balancing Act between Russia and the West


When Russia’s Vladimir Putin recently remarked that Turkey’s Erdogan is an ardent follower of the logic of national interest, he was perhaps alluding to the way Tukey continues to adjust very consistently between the West and the East, though it doesn’t always work. Turkey is a member of NATO and is a buyer of Russian defense…

Pompeo’s Departing Kick to Turkey only Weakens NATO


The incumbent US Secretary of State’s strong dislike of Turkey is evident from the fact that he never visited Turkey in an official capacity, although he was in the region for more than once during his tenure and visited both Cyprus and Greece, Turkey’s regional rivals. Mike Pompeo, who thinks Turkey is as “democratic as Iran” and is more of an “Islamic Dictatorship…

Horizons of the Growing British-Turkish Alliance


Today, with the vectors of political, economic and military cooperation in Europe being reoriented because of Britain’s exit from the EU, we can observe a clear rapprochement in many areas between London and Ankara. Britain is the second largest importer of goods from Turkey after Germany; annually about 2.5 million British people spend their vacations in Turkey and about…

Why the West and Turkey are on a Collision Course


The West, namely the US and EU, appear to have designed a joint approach to clip Turkey’s wings in order to dent its ability to stretch itself beyond its territorial boundaries and act as big power, competing the West itself. Turley, under Erdogan, has been able to stretch itself to Libya in north Africa, and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus. It remains involved in Syria [against…

Turkey Making Ties With Israel


In recent years, one can more and more often find articles in various media about Turkey’s apparent desire to develop and strengthen its diverse ties with Israel. New Eastern Outlook has also repeatedly addressed the issue of assessing the current state of relations between the two countries, dealing with one issue in particular: Turkey and Israel: Enemies or Allies? Relations between the two countries…

The Realities and Prospects involved in Turkey’s Expansion in Central Asia


In recent decades, Turkey has laid claim to playing the role of a new regional superpower, and has increasingly begun to pursue an independent foreign policy, which many political scientists have dubbed Neo-Ottomanism. Furthermore, Ankara’s expansionist ambitions have started to mushroom very quickly, and it is…

Turkey is Set on Expanding its Influence around the World


When analyzing how the political situation is developing in a particular region, various analysts and observers usually focus on the geopolitical aspirations of the United States and China, the actions taken by Russia, NATO, and individual Western states, and on the ideology espoused by radical Islamism, which has amplified the threat of terrorism in recent decades…

Washington Switching Loyalties from Turkey to Greece?


In recent years, relations between the United States and the Republic of Turkey have deteriorated dramatically for a number of reasons. One of which was a failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016, aimed at overthrowing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with a large number of senior officials in Ankara repeatedly accusing the United States. Their relations began to deteriorate even…

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