Turmoil in Turkey and Washington’s Short Leash

Protests began in Turkey in May of 2013, allegedly over the government's plans to develop a park in Istanbul. While…

Erdogan’s Pivotal Role in the Syrian Crisis. Part 2

While the European Union process seemed to advance in fits and starts, Mr. Erdogan simultaneously began the process of establishing…

US-Turkish Relations: In Search of a Comfortable Footstool

It began in Istanbul's Gezi Park where we are excepted to believe protests over 2.5 million strong (.pdf) stemmed from opposition…

Erdogan’s Pivotal Role in the Syrian Crisis. Part 1

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent visit to Iran has highlighted once again the delicate balancing act Erdogan is…

Turkey – a mirror of Arab revolutions Part 2

Mr. Erdogan himself considered that his “finest hour” was the beginning of the “Arab Spring” and the mass coming into…

Turkey – a mirror of Arab revolutions. Part 1

Hugely popular Prime Minister R.T. Erdogan, who has ruled the country since 2003, in​​ ten years has turned Turkey into a role model for…

Turkey: An Accomplice of Syrian Jihadists

Evidence that Turkey, under the protection of the authorities, has become a transit point for jihadist groups can be found…

Reforms and Turkish Kurds

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (JDP) not only aims to strengthen its positions, which were pretty shaken in June…

Turkey’s Islamists and the military

A trial of a group of the former military has started in Turkey. They are accused of the overthrow, in…

Turkey and the Countries of the Region

Turkey pic
Ideological battles for development form of States in current world political conditions are continuing in the Middle East. The dispute…

To assess the developments in Turkey

Talks, that revolutions may be inspired, organized and sponsored by someone (God forbid from overseas!) are ill manbners in a…

Turkey at a Crossroads

On Tuesday, June 11, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdoğan could restrain himself no longer and ordered the protesters’ tent…

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